Covert attention from women

Girls can give guys attention in two ways: a hidden demonstrative. If the hidden tokens are most often used cunning tricks and non-verbal communication, some gestures, body language and so on.

Women are very clever, but humble creatures. They can avoid open flirting with you, but you can understand that her behavior expresses sympathy for you, if you look closely at her actions. Imagine you are in the company of the fairer sex. She is willing to communicate with all friends, but desperately ignores you. Her inattention to you will be the most distinct sign of attention. Maybe it will seem strange, because she's not looking at you and not talking with you, but because by doing so it distinguishes you from all companies.

Also look at the changing behavior of the girl when she sees you. She may blush, be embarrassed, she changed the voice, she tries to look away to the side. Such actions, she tries to gently let you know that you are worthy of her attention.

Demonstrative attention from women

Girls who have a more bold and daring character, may decide to the emergence of active attention to the man. In the company of a lovely representative of the stronger sex, the woman can make it stand out from the crowd constant conversations and conversations, she may invite him to meet or to get out of the noisy places on the street to get some air. These ladies could assign a date and arrange a romantic surprise to your boyfriend.

Gifts are also a sign of attention from the girls. If she singled out a certain young man, she can congratulate him with any, even the most minor holidays, buying him gifts. It can be soccer ball, new shoes, a computer game or anything else.

If a guy comes to the girl to visit, it is able to render his attentions with his care. Hot tea, a delicious dinner, prepared especially for a long-awaited guest - all this can be interpreted as signs of sympathy for the young man.

Also open to the attentions of compliments are addressed to men. If a woman praises your talents, your achievements and work behavior, your appearance or your character, you probably care about her.