The instinct of the miner has not been canceled

Wanting to please a guy, some girls purposely show their sympathy in every way and have the attentions of any young man. This situation, of course, flatters the male ego, however, does not always lead to the construction of relationship, dream girl. The fact is that man is inherently earner, his instinct tells him that a woman needs to fight, her need to achieve, demonstrating its superiority over other contenders. If the girl gets too easy, and especially if the girl runs after the guy, he's not too much she cherishes. Overly active actions on the part of the fair sex can and does scare off a man. Then, instead of sympathy will come dislike, instead of love – irritation, and the girl in this situation would inevitably suffer.

However, with any rule there are exceptions: shy and the shy guys who find it difficult to establish a relationship with the opposite sex, would gladly accept the attentions from girls. In this case, chasing a guy for a long time will not have, very soon it will become your. Although here the instinct of the breadwinner may suddenly Wake up, and the young person will want to achieve the other girls to raise your importance in his own eyes. Then the relationship can end as quickly as it began.

How then to achieve any guy?

If you fall in love with guy, running after him, it is unlikely, then the way to do it, because if nothing is done, he may not pay attention to their otdyhatelnoe. Here it is worth remembering the many women's tricks. It is not necessary to openly show their sympathy, it is enough to be at the right time in the right place, and he will take the initiative. To do this is to study his way of life, to try to make contact with the people with whom it deals, to gather about him a lot of information.

So, for example, to please the guy who knows cars, you can contact him for help when repairing your car. He will scarcely be able to refuse a pretty girl. Next is to build the communication will be much easier. If the guy is in the gym, too, to sign up. If you are already somewhat familiar, having met there, will begin to communicate closer – common interests together. The main thing – not to press and not too much to show sympathy, to show interest, nothing more. And, of course, wanting to please the guy, remember that men love with their eyes – the look needs to be on top.