Take your free time pleasant and useful Hobbies. Don't forget that in life there are so many interesting things other than men. Focus on your studies or career. Exercise, sports, find a new hobby – dancing, trips to the theatre or cinema, yoga, etc. So not only do you not constantly thinking about guys, but will be in a circle of associates, among which definitely there is someone who wants not just flirting, but a long and serious relationship.
Respect yourself. No wonder the men at all times dizzy unapproachable and proud beauty. Obsessive desire to please will not escape from others. And guys, realizing that you have won the battle will lose interest in your person.
Amaze your partner. If you already have the second half, your constant desire to charm everyone around can offend and disappoint a partner. A little jealousy won't hurt, but the constant flirting with others can break the relationship. Learn to love your man, surprise him. His genuine enthusiasm will fuel your self-esteem, and the desire to please everyone will weaken.
Devote yourself to the family. If you have a loved husband and children, direct your energy to create coziness and comfort. Let the desire to please everyone as a woman transformirovalsya in the desire to become the exemplary hostess, a faithful wife and caring mother.
Contact spiritual experience. Depending on your faith and belief it may be the Bible, the Koran or other teachings. In any philosophy there is the idea of women's purpose and its earthly journey. Perhaps this will make you reconsider your views on relationships with other people.
Change the image. If you strongly believe that like can only in a short skirt, with open neckline or in a dress of leopard color, urgently review your wardrobe. Elegance attracts not worse than blatant sexuality, with questionable friends will be significantly less.
Enjoy the attention. If nature has endowed you with talent to giddy the opposite sex, use this. Discreet flirting and admiring glances elevate mood and self-esteem. Just remember about the reputation and do not let unnecessary.
Understand yourself. With the desire to please may be different psychological problems: diffidence, old complexes, fear of loneliness, etc. Knowing the cause, it will be easier to cope with its consequences. If you can't do it yourself, consult a psychologist.