You will need
  • - article 57 of the LC RF;
  • - employment contracts;
  • - ballpoint pen.
Start with a careful study of article 57 of the Labor code, referring to the legal-reference system "ConsultantPlus". It has the details of what constitutes a contract of employment in General and what sections it should contain.
The article of the law is no direct reference or link to the rules of accounting and numbering of employment contracts. At first glance, the problem this task can seem daunting. Practice suggests otherwise.
According to the letter of the Federal service for labour and employment of 09.08.2007 №3045-6-0 accounting numbering of employment contracts must be exercised by all organizations. According to the letter, that based on the practice of accounting documents, the vast majority of organizations number of labor contracts, specifying the first serial number of a document, and then the figures of a month or year corresponding to the date of its conclusion, where a year may consist of four and last two values. Numbers can be separated by a dot, a slash or a hyphen that will not be in this case to be extremely important.
Reading obtained from legal sources of information, prepare a proposal and a written justification for the management of the organization, which create a clear plan that will be carried out the numbering and registration of employment contracts.
Refer to the instruction manual of the organization with a written proposal and a printed copy of the letter of the Federal service for labour and employment of 09.08.2007 №3045-6-0. If approved by the head of the organization suggested numbering scheme of the treaties proceed to practical work.
Take all of your organization's labor contracts, which should be numbered. Arrange them on the date of the conclusion so that the earliest of them were at the top. Keep in mind that each year the numbering of the treaties resets, i.e. starts with the first sequence number. Number freehand with a ballpoint pen all labor contracts, according to the developed and approved by the head of the scheme. All values must be written in legible handwriting and do not contain corrections.