Employment contract

The main condition for employment is the employment contract which is an agreement concluded between the employer and employee and defines their rights and responsibilities. Ideally, the document is signed in two copies not later than three days from the start of work. The employment contract plays a very important role in solving labor disputes. To do this, it needs to be made correctly. Sometimes employers refuse to provide papers, in this case, it is necessary to require an explanation of the reasons for the refusal, and in written form. This will show you how versed in the Labor Code of the person, and may give you a chance to get the desired document. There is one thing: you can lose this one. But no guarantees can end very badly. Obliged to conclude a contract with you even if you are not registered by place of residence, invited to work by a written translation from another job. Also should not be a hindrance to the conclusion of the contract pregnancy or presence of children.

What to pay attention

The bulk of potential employees very carefully refers to the document defining internal regulations, as well as papers describing their duties. People listen to oral explanations and promises instead to learn the true state of Affairs described in the paper. Discrepancies should alert you. If you find no clear information for you, we will immediately discuss it with the employer, if necessary, changing the wrong terms. Pay close attention to all wording, find out everything essential to the moment, as your signature will be delivered.

Please note the house rules. These papers should also include the start time and the end of the day, the number of output rules work dress code. If you and your employer verbally entered into a contract, for example, on the free schedule of work, it is better to reflect in the contract. It happens that the future employee is asked to sign a confidentiality agreement to commercial or professional secrecy, in this case, it is desirable to clarify what is meant by secret information.

Mandatory labor contract settlements

The employment agreement must be prescribed by your surname, name and patronymic, passport data, the name of the company was the employer and information on the Manager authorised to sign documents. Also, these documents should reflect the state of your future workplace. Important clarification of the name, your title, and your duties should be described in any detail.

The most important question, reflected in the employment contract is money. The papers should reflect the full amount of your salary. Otherwise, you may have problems with sickness, maternity leave and benefit in case of reduction, and prove something is impossible. In addition to salary, the contract shall include all premiums, bonuses and allowances, specifying the conditions under which they will get paid. The contract also should be clearly indicated the duration of the probationary period, differently there can be problems with an increase in salary after approval by the office. Normally, probationary periods are 3-6 months. Don't forget, if you are given training by the company, specify in writing all terms and conditions.