Contact the hospital and make an appointment with Laura. The doctor will examine your ears, and then washed them using a special device. In some clinics, the lavage is carried out a large syringe. Don't worry, it's completely painless, if somewhat unpleasant. After the procedure you will hear much better. If the tube you have formed periodically, visit your doctor every few months.
If you don't want to go to the hospital or I'm afraid I'll buy in the pharmacy a large enema (syringe with rubber tip). It well boil, and then pour it in warm water. The nozzle of the syringe enter into the ear canal and squeeze the rubber bulb. Procedure is carried out over a sink or bathtub. If you really have an ear tube, it will come out. Ear wash is safe, but do not use the syringe with the plastic tip can damage the ear canal.
In some cases, helping ordinary hydrogen peroxide. Pour into the ear a little peroxide, lie down on the opposite side about 10 minutes. Then carefully wipe excess liquid from ear. The peroxide corrodes sulphur and helps her out. Procedure is carried out to improve SLear. But still no need to resort to using peroxide too often.
If you have not helped, then bury in the ear sunflower, olive or camphor oil. But usually after the problem is solved. Lavage of the ear alone cannot replace a hospital procedure.