Advice 1: How to remove at home sulfur plugs out of your ears

The accumulation of sulfur in the ears is a natural process. Sometimes under the influence of mechanical factors and moisture sulphur swells and blocks the ear the lumen, causing partial hearing loss. You can try to remove at home sulfur plugs out of your ears before you seek help to the doctor.
How to remove at home sulfur plugs out of your ears
You will need
  • - 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide
  • - soda solution
  • - boric alcohol
Soften sulfuric stopper.
Small waxy build-up you can try to remove by softening. Prepare 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and using a clean syringe without a needle enter into the ear canal. Do not insert the syringe too deep – the jet of liquid under pressure reaches the tube and affects the sulfur mass. Hydrogen peroxide will hiss, to emerge with pieces of dissolved sulfur. Wait untill all the solution is to do this, tilt your head to the side. Wipe the ear with a cotton swab to remove residual moisture. Repeat the softening procedure twice a day for 7 days – usually much time is required to completely clear the passage and to restore hearing. After the procedure, warm up the ear with the bulb – so the ear will dry out faster.
If during the procedure there are unpleasant sensations, pain or pressure, all manipulations should be discontinued and consult a doctor.
Perform the removal procedure on their own.
Prepare the ear for the removal of sulfur – bury a weak soda solution into the ear canal for three days. Soften sulfuric stopper – drip a few drops of hydrogen peroxide right ear canal. Wash the tube with a syringe – gently pull the ear upward and backward, pour water at room temperature under the pressure in the ear canal. Ear drop boric alcohol.
Use special preparations for independent use.
To remove at home sulfur plugs out of your ears, get in a drugstore solution for dissolving ear wax. Bury the emulsion according to the instructions – within 5 days standard tube dissolves and derive. Clean the ear canal 2 times a day. These drugs can also be used to prevent the formation of cerumen.

Advice 2: How to remove sulfur from the ear tube

Sulfuric tube in the ear can occur for a variety of reasons. It's not a lack of hygiene, as is commonly believed. They can occur due to metabolic abnormalities, inflammation or increased secretion of the glands. First symptoms that indicate the presence of a tube of sulphur is congestion of the ear, a feeling that the ear something. Dizziness may occur and the breach of CLear.
How to remove sulfur from the ear tube
Many are beginning to take action to remove the tube from the ear at home. Begin to continuously clean the ear with a stick that helps to push the tube further and exacerbate the discomfort.
When the feeling of stuffiness in the ear, constant feeling of a foreign object, the dizziness, violations of CLear , you should immediately contact to the doctor the otolaryngologist.
The doctor will also examine the ear canal and make a decision about the removal of the tube. This procedure is performed in a clinic, completely painless and fast.
In some cases, a tube to remove at once is not possible. The doctor prescribes medication, which should be instilled in the ear for some time to soften the tube and subsequent removal through washing or pumping.
If the otolaryngologist finds after washing the tube, the inflammatory process that is often, prescribe additional treatment.
No action to remove the tube at home is simply unacceptable. This can cause damage to the ear canal or eardrum, which entails serious negative consequences.
Do not use pharmaceutical drugs, which went on sale to dissolve ear plugs. They can be used only after examination of the expert and his recommendations. Sometimes the feeling of stuffiness and the feeling of presence of foreign object cause a completely different disease than an ear plug, which require immediate treatment.
From the foregoing it follows. Do not self-medicate is dangerous to life and health. Any diseases please contact your doctor.
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