You will need
  • - softening (glycerin, hydrogen peroxide or vegetable oil);
  • is chamomile tea;
  • Wat.
If you suspect a sulfuric cork is better to consult a doctor and by rinsing with a special solution to be removed without difficulty. Or purchase in a drugstore a special ear candles that are perfectly stretched sulphur. And just not having either of them try to remove it yourself.
Before you can delete a sulfuric stopper from an ear - soften it. Use one of the means is hydrogen peroxide, glycerin, almond or vegetable oil, heated to room temperature. Type any of them in the pipette. Tilt your head so that his ear was facing up. Then pull back the top part of the ear (side of head) and drip into the ear 3-5 drops. After that close the ear canal with cotton wool and after 10-15 minutes, pull it out (will result in this excess fluid from the ear).
Often the softened tube goes out on their own in 2-3 days. However, during those days continue to follow the softening 2-3 times a day. If she won't come out or came out not fully (maybe even more hearing loss due to swelling of the tube, the sensation of a foreign object in the ear or rustling) try to rinse ear canal with warm chamomile. Enter it under a thin stream from a syringe or a syringe is not inserted in the ear.
If the tube still did not work, repeat the softening (only with oil or glycerin), while close the ear canal for a longer time (30 minutes). Next, take a warm bath. Sit in it so that the ears were loaded in water. This usually contributes to the leaching tubes.