You will need
  • - pipette, a syringe;
  • - wool and cotton buds;
  • - vegetable oil, glycerin or hydrogen peroxide 3%;
  • - warm chamomile tea;
  • - preparations of "cerumen And", "Remo-Vaks".
There are several ways to remove cerumen in the home. But it is better to use them only in case if there is no possibility to consult a doctor for qualified help. A visit to the audiologist will help to avoid long independent manipulation and possible damage to eardrums.
Traditional medicine uses newer methods of removing cerumen, for example, its dissolution with the help of special medicines. If the solution to this problem in a medical facility is not available, use yourself the drug "cerumen And" in the drops. It dissolves earwax. But as it has contraindications carefully read the user manual. The perfect variant is its use by the doctor after inspection.
If the above method is not available - try softening the stopper by yourself. Two or three times a day instill in each pass 3-5 drops of one of the funds: almond or vegetable oil, glycerol, 3% hydrogen peroxide for a few minutes and close the ear with cotton wool. Continue with this procedure for 2-3 days. Gradually swallowing and mobility of the lower jaw pushed the earwax from the ear canal, so after her soften special efforts to do not required.
If the tube still doesn't work, repeat the softening and to create pressure and push out the sulfur injected in the ear canal warm chamomile. Inject it with a syringe (without needle) to squirt was thin. It is better to carry out the procedure with someone's help. Do not use these methods in the presence of diabetes and history of diseases of the ears.
During the softening sulfur can be a feeling of deafness. It is related to the increase of tube size and filling its entire space of the ear canal. It is quite normal, it should not cause panic.
In the care of the ears, use cotton buds to clean the external auditory canal closer to the exit. Deeper cleaning can lead to a "compaction" of earwax and the gradual formation of the tube. For overactive glands that produce sulphur use "Remo-Vaks". It is suitable for treatment and prevention.