Advice 1: What to do if ear wax build-up

Each person on the walls of the ear canal is a certain amount of a viscous yellow-brown substance is ear wax. This substance is designed to clean and lubricate the ear canal and is a natural barrier to pathogens. However, if excess ear wax is to put pressure on the eardrum, there will be wax build-up, followed by a feeling of deafness, ringing in the ears, nausea, dizziness. What to do in this case?
What to do if ear wax build-up

For some reasons, you may cerumen

Usually earwax along with dirt deposited on its surface, is expelled naturally. However, some people have sulfur glands in the ear openings can operate too aggressively. Then, sulfur gradually accumulates, blocking the ear canal.

Cerumen impaction can occur if water in the ear, for example, during bathing. Water softens the sulfur on the walls of the auditory canal, and then the sulfur can migrate to the eardrum.

Very often sulfur jams occur due to the use of cotton swabs to clean the ear. Indeed, the tool is designed to remove excess earwax, contributes to the formation of cerumen! The fact that regular cleaning of the ear canal with cotton swabs violates the natural mechanism of self-purification, and also displaces some amount of sulfur to the eardrum. The result is a tube.

How to get rid of cerumen

It is best to contact the medical facility to the ENT doctor. The procedure of getting rid of the cerumen consists of washing the auditory canal with warm fluid with a large special syringe.

If you do not have time or opportunity to go to the doctor, this procedure can be done at home. Instead use a rubber syringe enema with a capacity of 200-300 ml. Lavage should be carried out on any large capacity (e.g., basin) or over the sink.

In some sources it is recommended to rinse the ear canal with hydrogen peroxide. But this should not be done! The peroxide is soluble in sulfuric stopper, but it can burn your eardrum.

Fill a rubber enema with warm water. Stand over the container, tilt your head to the patient's ear down with one hand, pull the ear up and back. Then, gently insert the enema tip into the ear canal (loosely, leaving a gap) and let a jet of water into the ear. Repeat this process up until the blockage doesn't come out.

If the tube is very stiff and not washing, drip into the ear a little warm vegetable oil, and a few hours repeat the process. Can also be purchased at the pharmacy special ear drops to dissolve cerumen or fitoveta. But you must use them after consultation with a physician, because they have contraindications.

Advice 2 : How to get sulfuric stopper from an ear

Hardly anyone of you have faced an unpleasant issue – sulfuric tube in the ears. But few thought about how to approach the removal of this tube. How independently to try to get rid of it?
How to get sulfuric stopper from an ear
To get rid of sulfur in the ear, rinse it with warm boiled water. To do this in small portions direct in-ear water jets right hand from a large syringe (ideally a syringe Janet).
The stream of water should hit the upper wall of the auditory canal, while the left hand must pull the ear slightly backwards and upwards. Then gently wipe inside the ear canal with cotton wool.
If this procedure doesn't help, tenderize the tube 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide, which is sold in pharmacies. 2 times daily, place in ear for 8 drops, the duration of the course for about a week. Remember that the procedure can be executed only in absence of diseases of the ear and skin diseases. The peroxide dissolves the wax and the plug is easily washed out of the ear.
After removal of sulfur ear canal gently wipe with a cotton swab and ear leave alone. As a rule, on 3-5 day such procedures plug dissolves, and the hearing is entirely restored.
Then in 3-5 days it is necessary to warm up the ear dry heat for 15 minutes. For this purpose, suitable and conventional incandescent light bulb.
If your ear pains or itching, the procedure should stop and immediately consult a specialist.
In pharmacies in the presence of many targeted medications for dissolving tube, for example, the ear of vitovice or drops cerumen And". But we must remember that every drug has its contraindications. Therefore, without consultation with the ENT physician to apply them quite risky.
Often attempts to get rid of cerumen alone can be not only ineffective. They may complicate the situation. After all, you do not have sufficient knowledge of anatomy and experience of manipulation in the ear canal. Therefore not a health risk – contact the specialists.

Advice 3 : How to pull out the ear plug

Excessive function of the glands that produce earwax, may cause the formation of sulfuric tube. Closing fully or partially the ear canal, it causes hearing loss and tinnitus, especially when injected into the ear of water. But to pull out the ear plug, you need to exercise extreme caution.
How to pull out the ear plug
You will need
  • - softening (glycerin, hydrogen peroxide or vegetable oil);
  • is chamomile tea;
  • Wat.
If you suspect a sulfuric cork is better to consult a doctor and by rinsing with a special solution to be removed without difficulty. Or purchase in a drugstore a special ear candles that are perfectly stretched sulphur. And just not having either of them try to remove it yourself.
Before you can delete a sulfuric stopper from an ear - soften it. Use one of the means is hydrogen peroxide, glycerin, almond or vegetable oil, heated to room temperature. Type any of them in the pipette. Tilt your head so that his ear was facing up. Then pull back the top part of the ear (side of head) and drip into the ear 3-5 drops. After that close the ear canal with cotton wool and after 10-15 minutes, pull it out (will result in this excess fluid from the ear).
Often the softened tube goes out on their own in 2-3 days. However, during those days continue to follow the softening 2-3 times a day. If she won't come out or came out not fully (maybe even more hearing loss due to swelling of the tube, the sensation of a foreign object in the ear or rustling) try to rinse ear canal with warm chamomile. Enter it under a thin stream from a syringe or a syringe is not inserted in the ear.
If the tube still did not work, repeat the softening (only with oil or glycerin), while close the ear canal for a longer time (30 minutes). Next, take a warm bath. Sit in it so that the ears were loaded in water. This usually contributes to the leaching tubes.
Useful advice
Do not attempt to remove the sulfuric cork on their own, if in past or present injuries to the tympanic membrane, purulent ear discharge or inflammation (otitis media).

Advice 4 : How to get rid of cerumen in the ear

Cerumen is an accumulation of sulphur in the form of small lumps stuck in the ear canal. Basically, they removed their own, but some cases require physical intervention.
How to get rid of cerumen in the ear
Waxy build-result from picking at the ear unhygienic foreign objects, but also due to various inflammatory processes that are associated with the blowing or freezing ears. The color of cerumen may vary from yellow to dark brown, the structure is isolated, rocky, dense and soft.

Premature detection of stale earwax

How to detect sulfuric plugs in ears, and to prevent their further development? What are the symptoms and signs of unpleasant physiological effect? Sick a long time may not notice the presence of his cerumen. Sometimes he feels a sense of congestion, noise in the ear. Most often, the hearing does not fall, this happens only when the sulfur fills the whole ear canal, starting from the outside.

Cerumen removal alone

First try to soften the tube. Just remember that in this disease is to warm the ear is impossible. You need to take an eyedropper with hydrogen peroxide and drip the contents into the affected ear.
Peroxide will hiss and stand out as a white foam.

Tilt your head so that the liquid with pieces of sulfur were free to emerge. Two minutes later clean the ear with a cotton swab. This procedure is best done during the week, during this time, you will get rid of the ear plugs.

If after washing your head starts to hurt, stop treatment and immediately consult a doctor for medical intervention. Doctor using special instruments professionally cleaned ear.

Remove the tube and possibly with the help of home washing. You need dissolve one teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water. This solution rinse the ear for two days, and the third bury it in hydrogen peroxide. Head is turn back and sideways.

Before this procedure it is necessary to make the ear canal accessible. To do this, pull your ear, and then using pasikurowice syringe without the needle direct the flow of cooled boiled water. The liquid should be poured from the ear along with the remnants of sulfur. The final step in this procedure is the instillation of boric alcohol.

To get rid of cerumen on your own and with the help of special tools, sold in any drugstore, such as ear candles. Methods of getting rid of this trouble a lot from which to choose a suitable and most secure option.

Advice 5 : What to do if the right ear was beginning to lose some hearing

Suppose you woke up one morning and found that my right ear hears worse than the left, or nothing hears. In nine cases out of ten the reason for this becomes cerumen, obstructing the ear canal. Removing it from your ear you will get rid of the discomfort and restore normal hearing.
What to do if the right ear was beginning to lose some hearing
Education in a person's ears of cerumen is a very common phenomenon. Paradoxically, it is often a consequence of increased attention to hygiene hearing.

Many people thoroughly clean the ear canal with cotton swabs. In General, sulfur that is generated in the ears of any person, performs the function of a barrier. It prevents the inner ear and the human brain bacteria and dust. Indeed, the external part of the ear cleaner earwax but on the inside, as if pressed as a result of such manipulation. And if in addition the wrong person washes his ears, the water gets into the ear canal, and then the formation of cerumen in the ear is virtually guaranteed.

How to understand that in the right ear – cerumen?

The main symptom that your ear was formed cerumen impaction is the most unpleasant feeling that you suddenly became deaf in my right ear. This suggests that blockage has reached the size at which it completely blocks the ear canal. In this case, it is easiest to turn to the ENT doctor that quickly and safely washes off the ear.

What to doif the doctor for some reason impossible? You can remove a sulfuric stopper from an ear yourself. The pharmacy sells a variety of drops that soften the tube and contribute to its rejection.

How to remove the tube from the right ear without the use of special equipment?

You can get rid of the tube in the ear and without drugs from the pharmacy. For this you need to flush the ear out of a small enema on any capacity. Ear when it is drawn free hand up and back, and the enema tip is not introduced into the ear canal, and leaning against his back wall.

Gently rinse the ear, gradually increasing water pressure. Sometimes you may need a few dozen enemas of warm water to the tube after all have been washed. If earwax pressed very hard, then you can first drip into the ear a few drops of vegetable oil to soften, and begin flushing the ear a few hours later. After the tube was removed, not go out for several hours, so as not to chill your ear.

To prevent the formation of cerumen in the ear in the future, wash your ears carefully, avoiding getting water in the ear canal. When cleaning the ears with cotton swabs do not try to clean sulfur from the inside of the ear. Excess sulfur is excreted from the body – this occurs in the process of chewing. For hygiene enough to maintain cleanliness of the outer part of the ear.

Advice 6 : What to do if water in the ear

Water in ear can get while swimming in open water (lake, river), and in the tub or pool. Most often, in addition to discomfort, this phenomenon brings nothing. However, long-term presence of water in the ear can cause pain, the source of the infection and damage eardrum.
What to do if water in the ear
Not to bring the matter to the complications, one should try to remove water from the ear yourself.If the liquid got into his good ear, little reason for concern. For starters, you need to carefully RUB the hair and ears with a dry towel. Take a deep breath and hold your nose with your fingers. Then, without opening the mouth, exhale. This inside pressure will push the excess water out of your ears.The easiest way to get rid of fluid in ear is jumping on the leg, located on the side of the affected ear. The head should be held horizontally. So water will be easier to get out.Can a few minutes to lie down on the side of the patient ear. Under gravity the liquid can flow out.Drip into the ear passages 2-3 drops of vodka or alcohol. They quickly evaporate along with the liquid. In the same purposes it is possible to apply a weak solution of acetic acid or hydrogen peroxide. If no manipulations do not help in removing the water out of your ears, seek help from a specialist.In the afternoon you can feel some pain in the ear. Most likely, it's ear wax mixed with water. Sulfur tube increases in size and begins to put pressure on the nerve endings. In this case, to remove the sulfuric cork should not be alone. You can push it even deeper, or injure the eardrum. Visit the otolaryngologist. He will wash the ear canal with a special syringe.If you periodically suffer from otitis or had surgery on the ears, getting water in them should be avoided. Before bathing or washing the head, tightly close the ear canal with cotton wool soaked with a few drops of vegetable oil or baby cream. If the liquid were still in the ear, remove it using the above methods, and then insert the means of warning the occurrence of the inflammatory process (for example, boric alcohol).
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