Advice 1: How to relieve stomach pain

Pain in the stomach is a common enough symptom characteristic of a number of diseases. It arises as a result of overeating, an excessive burden on the gastrointestinal tract. How to relieve a similar condition?
How to relieve stomach pain
Try to remove the spasms of the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract if the cause of your pain is gastritis, colitis or stomach ulcer. Take a hot water bottle with warm water and apply to the abdomen, take one of drugs with antispasmodic effect: papaverine, Nospanum, spazmalgon, besalol etc.
Drink a glass of fresh milk or a sufficient quantity of warm boiled water, if the pain is caused by contact with acidic stomach contents into the duodenum. Refrain from eating food sokogonnym, take one of the antacids: Almagel, gastal, Maalox, etc.
Enjoy pillsas festal, Mezim or if the pain and heaviness in the stomach was caused due to overeating, intake of heavy fatty foods. In this case, can also help a glass of warm boiled water with dissolved in it with a teaspoon of honey and few drops of lemon juice.
Refer to the recipes of traditional medicine with pain in the stomach. Prepare a decoction of plantain leaves, if the cause of your pain is the ulcer. Brew a liter of boiling water half a Cup dried or one Cup fresh plantain leaves, let it brew. The decoction to drink in any quantity.
Eat twice a day before meals (not less than 20 minutes) piece of fresh aloe leaf, ulcerative pain in the stomach. The treatment should last for three months, then take a break for a month. If the mildew still will bother, repeat the treatment.
Take in equal parts: fennel fruit, chamomile flowers and marshmallow root. Mix all the chopped ingredients. Pour into an enamel bowl glass of water, add back a tablespoon of the herbal mixture and simmer for about 10 minutes, then wrap and leave for about 3 hours, strain. Infusion drink half a Cup 4-5 times a day for pain caused by gastritis.
Mix 20 grams of peppermint leaves and 5 grams of the herb centaury. Brew Cup boiling water 2 teaspoons of this mixture. Infusion wrap for 30 minutes, strain. Drink a healing potion three times a day before meals for stomach pain of any etiology.

Advice 2 : What pills will help with the pain in the stomach

Stomach pain have different origins, they can be caused by diseases such as gastritis whether a stomach ulcer, poor quality food, infectious disease, and overeating, which people suffer during the holidays.
What pills will help with the pain in the stomach

Self-medication or call the doctor?

Aggravation of gastric ulcer causes greater pain in the stomach, which disturb the patient. Such disease as ulcer disease must be diagnosed in a hospital or clinic, and, of course, need a course of treatment prescribed by the doctor. This disease causes frequent relapses at any deviation or abuse from the prescribed diet, before turning to the doctors need medication to help with pain. A person suffering from this disease knows that if there is not great pain, it is necessary to carry out prevention in the form of making the night special pills or other drugs.
In such cases, suitable ranitidine, cimetidine or quamatel.

Prophylactic administration of these medications must be combined with a return to the diet and medicinal drugs, tea, tinctures and herbal infusions.
If the actions have not yielded positive result and the pain continues to bother you, you must contact the clinic, get tested and get a full examination, which will eliminate the worst development of peptic ulcer disease - perforated ulcer.

Gastritis also cause pain in the stomach, they are divided into gastritis with reduced and increased secretion of gastric juice.
At the lowered secretion with acute gastritis prescribe drugs increase the production of gastric juice and normalize the digestive process. The list of such medications includes: digital, Mezim Forte, panzinorm, pankramin, festal. It should be remembered that the constant use of these drugs may lead to reduction in natural digestive secretions, so you must consult with your doctor on doses and application dates.

If the stomach ache due to overeating or poisoning

Poisoning with poor-quality foods also causes stomach pain, overeating can also trigger pain. In such situations, it is first necessary gastric lavage, this is the best way to cleanse the body of toxic substances to the arrival of the doctor. The next step is the administration of activated coal from calculation 1 tablet on 10 kg of patient weight. Activated charcoal tablets will help flush the remnants of toxic substances, which was caused by poisoning. No-Spa or motilium will help with the pain spasms, but, in any case, the need for the doctor disappears.

Advice 3 : Best medicine for stomach

Proper gastrointestinal tract is very important for the normal wellbeing of the body. Needless to say how unpleasant to suffer from spasms in the stomach or not be able to sleep from severe heartburn.
Best medicine for stomach

The drug "Altan" will help to cope with all types of gastritis, colitis, and dysbacteriosis of the intestine. In addition, he is able to help even dysentery!

Pills "atsidin-pepsin", consisting of 1 part of pepsin and 4 parts of betaine hydrochloride, can increase the acidity in the stomach.

"Gastrica" is a most beautiful plant, which you can find many useful herbs: chamomile, wormwood, licorice root. Drops are perfectly safe even for toddlers.

If you have a stagnant food in the stomach - it's time to buy "Motilium", is able to normalize the motility of the stomach and improve the promotion of food on it.
Sea buckthorn oil

Simple sea buckthorn oil can help with gastritis, colitis, obesity, and even ulcers.

Tablets "Pariet" perfectly possible not only to reduce the acidity of gastric juice, but also to cope with different kinds of ulcers and erosions. The only negative - it is not recommended to take during pregnancy and children up to 12 years.

Capsules "Pilobakta" is also easily capable to deal with the plague. This feature was introduced on the market recently, but its effectiveness is impressive.

Domestic Renorm is a strong medicine that can help even with cancer tumors. Thanks to the extracts and herbs, the preparation is useful in goiter, ulcers, gastritis.

If your baby suffers from colic and spasms in the stomach, it is worth to give it a "Riabal." This tool is available in the form of drops and syrup, inexpensive and effective.

The cure "the aluminium phosphate gel" is used for severe heartburn. The drug is less toxic than its counterparts and offers quick and targeted action.

Advice 4 : What pills take stomach pain

Exhausting pain in the stomach can drive a person to desperation. Accordingly, it is natural to be eager to get rid of them. The pain may signal the occurrence of peptic ulcer disease, gastritis or cancer. It should be noted that before application of medicines consult with the doctor.
What pills take stomach pain
To find effective drug to cure stomach pain, it is advisable to visit a gastroenterologist, who will appoint all necessary examinations and on the basis of the obtained results will put an accurate diagnosis. In addition, the choice of medications takes into account the characteristics of the disease. As a rule, inflammation and erosive lesions directly to the mucosa of the stomach can be associated with a high or low acidity. That is why it is important to first find out what form of the disease progresses.

Such clinical manifestations as abdominal pain, heartburn, a feeling of pulling in the navel and burp correspond to gastritis and stomach ulcers. For the treatment of these diseases recommended the use of these drugs: "Omez", "Gastal", "Ranitidine", "Omeprazole", "aluminium phosphate gel", "Maalox". Also, in addition to the main therapy you can use herbal remedy that helps to eliminate painful symptoms in the stomach. Such herbs possessing anti-inflammatory action include chamomile and St. John's wort.

For a speedy withdrawal discomfort state encourages the use of antispasmodics such as "no-Spa", "Riabal", "Duspatalin", "Vikair", which has antimicrobial, laxative and enveloping effect. In addition, it is desirable to use enzyme preparations: "Kreon", "Mangrol". The emergence of small or large stones in the gallbladder often contributes to the appearance of weak aching pain in the upper abdomen. In this case, funds should be used to help with the cholecystitis: "Allohol", "Joliver", "Panzinorm", "Enzistal". Bloating and flatulence can eliminate the following drugs: "Espumizan", "SAB Simplex", "Displacer".

Drugs that restore the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract

Typically, after prolonged use of drugs, antibiotics disrupted the gut flora, and there are fairly strong stomach pain. Often these changes are accompanied by dysbiosis. To restore the functions of the gastrointestinal tract shows the use of these drugs: "empty tool does, "Linex", "Bifiform", "hilak Forte". These tools are complex, composed of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, contributing to the saturation of the intestine with beneficial microorganisms.

Traditional treatments of stomach pain

In addition to the tablets used for the pain in the stomach, there are various folk remedies to ease the patient's condition. The most popular and simple method of getting rid of pain in the stomach is calendula tincture. Acute spasm usually occurs as a result of emotional outburst, helping to stop the tincture of Valerian. Gastritis, which is manifested on the background of overeating or poisoning that can be cured herbal teas containing peppermint, flax seed, centaury.

Advice 5 : What medications will help with pain in the stomach

Stomach may ache for several reasons. If you have pain, of course, the best option would be access to a doctor. However, the first time come to the aid of the drug, which can without a prescription purchase pharmacy.
What medications will help with pain in the stomach
Stomach pain can be caused by a number of diseases. For example, it may be gastritis with low or high acidity, gastric ulcer, cholecystitis, pancreatitis or colitis. If you know the exact diagnosis, then to pick the right preparations will not present a great complexity due to the pharmacist. Otherwise, you need to pay close attention to the characteristics of the disease.
Inflammation of the gastric mucosa, erosive lesions may occur as with low acidity of gastric juice and elevated. Therefore, first and foremost, you need to determine the form of progressive disease. Usually ulcer and gastritis have symptoms such as belching, heartburn, abdominal pain and a tugging sensation in the area of the navel. In this case, the most effective drugs are "Maalox", "Ranitidine", "Gastal", "aluminium phosphate gel", "Omez", "Omeprazole", "Famotidine". If the drugs do not ease the condition of the patient and stomach hurts even more, you need to go to the doctor, adding therapy fitosredstv, for example, infusion of St. John's wort or chamomile.
A failure of the pancreas zachastuju manifests itself in the form of an encircling cutting pain in the left hypochondrium and the umbilicus. To relieve discomfort requires the use of antispasmodics ("Riabal", nosh-PA, "Drotaverine") and enzyme preparations (CREON, "Mangrol"). Subtle symptoms make it possible to use less powerful drugs, for example, "Festal" or "Mezim".
The presence of stones in the gallbladder is also often provokes a mild aching pain in the upper abdomen and under the right lower rib. Relieve pain can painkillers, especially effective "Riabal" and "no-Spa Forte". If symptoms are long-term in nature, necessary to use drugs to normalize the function of the gallbladder – "Allohol", "Joliver", "Panzinorm", "Enzistal". Bloating and flatulence well help "Espumizan", "Infakol", "Cisplatina", "Vasospasm".
If after taking the pills my stomach hurts, the, most likely, this is caused by colitis i.e. inflammation of the intestinal mucosa. Most often, it develops on the background of various infections and is accompanied by goiter and violation of the chair. Especially often this disease manifests itself long after taking antibiotics one of the side effects which is the change in intestinal flora and a strong pain in the stomach. To help the patient you can use drugs such as "Normate", "Duphalac", "Narine", "hilak Forte", "Normadic", "Bifiform". All these drugs are complex tools that combine in its composition of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, promote natural colonization of the intestine with beneficial microorganisms. No-Spa as a painkiller is used only for very severe pain.
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