Try to remove the spasms of the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract if the cause of your pain is gastritis, colitis or stomach ulcer. Take a hot water bottle with warm water and apply to the abdomen, take one of drugs with antispasmodic effect: papaverine, Nospanum, spazmalgon, besalol etc.
Drink a glass of fresh milk or a sufficient quantity of warm boiled water, if the pain is caused by contact with acidic stomach contents into the duodenum. Refrain from eating food sokogonnym, take one of the antacids: Almagel, gastal, Maalox, etc.
Enjoy pillsas festal, Mezim or if the pain and heaviness in the stomach was caused due to overeating, intake of heavy fatty foods. In this case, can also help a glass of warm boiled water with dissolved in it with a teaspoon of honey and few drops of lemon juice.
Refer to the recipes of traditional medicine with pain in the stomach. Prepare a decoction of plantain leaves, if the cause of your pain is the ulcer. Brew a liter of boiling water half a Cup dried or one Cup fresh plantain leaves, let it brew. The decoction to drink in any quantity.
Eat twice a day before meals (not less than 20 minutes) piece of fresh aloe leaf, ulcerative pain in the stomach. The treatment should last for three months, then take a break for a month. If the mildew still will bother, repeat the treatment.
Take in equal parts: fennel fruit, chamomile flowers and marshmallow root. Mix all the chopped ingredients. Pour into an enamel bowl glass of water, add back a tablespoon of the herbal mixture and simmer for about 10 minutes, then wrap and leave for about 3 hours, strain. Infusion drink half a Cup 4-5 times a day for pain caused by gastritis.
Mix 20 grams of peppermint leaves and 5 grams of the herb centaury. Brew Cup boiling water 2 teaspoons of this mixture. Infusion wrap for 30 minutes, strain. Drink a healing potion three times a day before meals for stomach pain of any etiology.