Possible options for pain relief are only two - the use of funds to reduce the acidity of the stomach, or the application envelop (anti-acid), which protect the stomach wall from the action of gastric juice.
To lower the acidity of the stomach with the help of the juice of raw potatoes or cabbage. To do this, raw vegetables chop and run through the juicer, or just squeeze through cheesecloth. Rather than half a glass of juice to feel better. To prevent pain it is advisable to carry out this procedure every morning on an empty stomach before meals.
A similar effect can be achieved if you drink a glass of water with dissolved in it baking soda, one or two teaspoons. The effect will be more quick to abuse but soda should not be - it in General has a harmful effect on the gastric mucosa. Helps in pain relief and honey, apply which need diluted in warm water.
The only drawback is that to use these tools only when gastritis with high acidity of gastric juice. At low pH, they can only strengthen the attack. In this case, you should apply antacids industrial production "Bellatti", "Maalox", "Almagel-a", "aluminium phosphate gel". They are all produced in the form of suspensions, which quickly envelop the walls of the stomach and soothe the mucosa. Therefore, the effect of these and similar tools is almost instantaneous. In addition, many of them include in their composition components of pain, accelerating the relief of pain. They can be used and at low pH, since antacids do not alter gastric acidity.
If you have the so-called acute gastritis caused by acid poisoning, drugs or food - in no event it is impossible to self-medicate. Immediately after detection of symptoms of acute gastritis call an ambulance and give the patient as much warm drink to dilute the concentration of stimuli. It is also possible to give the patient the absorbent is activated charcoal or "POLYSORB".