Enroll in a music school on a Bayan class. Complete the full training (today music school can increase or reduce the period of study). Age may not be confused, in many modern schools now have classes for adults, however, the colleges are paid.
Look through Newspapers or search the Internet for announcements about private music lessons. Way that suits you – cost, time, duration, call the telephone number and start studying.
If you feel strength and a great desire to learn to play the accordion at all costs, buy in a music shop learn to play the accordion (or download it from the Internet), and start to conquer the instrument. Well, if you make the plan self-study, where mark frequency, duration and workload of classes, and will strictly follow it.By the way, in Internet you can find music and computer simulators, using which for independent practice with the game on the accordion, you fairly quickly learn to play your favorite tunes. The repertoire of computer tutorials range from simple songs to the relatively complex pieces of music. Such a number plays, you can arrange lessons according to their preferences in the world of music.
If you have a good ear, you can pick up tunes on the accordion independently, not even knowing musical notation. How soon you will learn how to decently play an instrument, depends on the level of hearing and talent/abilities. Practice shows that doing 2-3 hours daily, persistent and purposeful person starts relatively well to play the accordion in a month.