Advice 1: How to learn to play the accordion

A person who knows how to play the accordion, always welcome in the company. With him and his friend Bayan not bored. Invariably find a song he wants to sing to the accompaniment of many. Accordion player amuses and saddens, excites, makes tremble the soul, causing that warm fuzzy nostalgia, the irrepressible thirst for life. Learn to play the accordion in different ways, all of them available to anyone with hearing.
How to learn to play the accordion
Enroll in a music school on a Bayan class. Complete the full training (today music school can increase or reduce the period of study). Age may not be confused, in many modern schools now have classes for adults, however, the colleges are paid.
Look through Newspapers or search the Internet for announcements about private music lessons. Way that suits you – cost, time, duration, call the telephone number and start studying.
If you feel strength and a great desire to learn to play the accordion at all costs, buy in a music shop learn to play the accordion (or download it from the Internet), and start to conquer the instrument. Well, if you make the plan self-study, where mark frequency, duration and workload of classes, and will strictly follow it.By the way, in Internet you can find music and computer simulators, using which for independent practice with the game on the accordion, you fairly quickly learn to play your favorite tunes. The repertoire of computer tutorials range from simple songs to the relatively complex pieces of music. Such a number plays, you can arrange lessons according to their preferences in the world of music.
If you have a good ear, you can pick up tunes on the accordion independently, not even knowing musical notation. How soon you will learn how to decently play an instrument, depends on the level of hearing and talent/abilities. Practice shows that doing 2-3 hours daily, persistent and purposeful person starts relatively well to play the accordion in a month.
If you decide to play the accordion seriously, then you certainly need to know what the rules of planting, setting tool and setting of the hands. Otherwise, you will never learn to play so that your performance touched the soul, excited. The music teachers teach the same children from the first lessons, only then they bring them to understand the ways of sound production from the instrument.
Useful advice
Many people make the mistake of assuming that learning to play the accordion is not as difficult as, for example, the piano or the violin. No, the accordion fully is as serious an instrument as any other. Keep this in mind when starting to learn to play the accordion.

Advice 2: How to learn to play the accordion

Budding musicians, self-mastering tool, buy tutorials. Some of the manuals based on the parallel study of musical notation and playing techniques. To desire to become the accordionist is not lost due to difficulties in mastering music, you can start learning in a different order.
How to learn to play the accordion
Learn the rudiments of music. You do not need textbooks on music theory. It will be sufficient child benefits, which are explained in detail, what are the notes on the height and duration. With the height of the sound will understand in the tutorial for accordion when you practical exercises. Now focus on the durations of notes. The first task is to learn to count. Follow carefully all the jobs associated with the account.
Learn how to hold the instrument, move the fur to produce sound. Hands will quickly get used to the wrong position if in the beginning there will be errors. In the future it will become a barrier to professional growth. That this did not happen, start to do not the tutorial. Take 2-3 paid lesson from a teacher of the music school. This will be enough to master the initial position of the accordion and hands while playing.
Purchase learn to play the accordion. Basic knowledge of music, obtained at the 1st step, will allow you to navigate, is it clear given the material in a specific tutorial.
Make a work plan. Students of music schools are doing according to a certain program. You have to develop a plan for myself. Set a goal - to play each exercise 100 times, then move on to the next. In the first days and weeks better not to hurry, not to chase the number of lost exercises. Pay attention to the quality. Put in the work plan, the repetition of previously dismantled works.
Organize concerts. Do them every 2 months. In music schools there are technical tests and exams. Organize something similar for myself. Choose 2-3 works for concert and achieve goals. The first students may be friends, neighbors. It takes practice to cope with anxiety and get inspiration for further studies.

Advice 3: How to repair accordion

Bayan has a rather complex device, and, in the case of weak sound, bad keys or blowing the bellows of the air, should proceed to its repair. To repair the accordion in two ways: independently or to relate it to the wizard. If you decide to repair the accordion yourself, you'll need to disassemble it.
How to repair accordion
You will need
  • For repair accordion or replacement parts, you may need to buy components. Inquire at any music store – they offer themselves as tools, and everything necessary for them. Note the corners for bellows, connecting stud, suction valves, mounting straps, leather patches and so on.
Disconnect the part of the fur from the body. To do this, locate the studs of the cap at the junction of the fur and body and pull them. Carefully remove the cloves with a pair of pliers. The older the instrument is, the greater the likelihood that the cap will break off from the body of the nail. Next, carefully inspect the fur for defects and cracks. If they are, repair them. Then remove the mesh covering the valves. It is usually fastened with screws. So to remove it will not be difficult.
Visually check all the keys. If one of them busted or simply fell off, can I borrow the keys from the bottom, which are rarely used. Next, check each key in the decompression and compression of the fur. If the interior mechanism, the keys are not working, clean thoroughly. After all the work, get the entire design accordion back, while leaving no gaps between the different parts.

If self repair Bayan failed, take it to an experienced repair technician, musical instruments, and we will try to solve your problem in the shortest possible time. Also engaged in the repair workshops at different music stores.

Advice 4: What is the accordion in the Internet

In Russian Internet slang became popular memy of so-called "Bayan". It can be argued that it is the established manner and means stale joke, an old joke or message.
What is the accordion in the Internet
Bayan, he's a dupe, he's Brian originally comes from the famous anecdote about the mother-in-law ("Buried the mother-in-law. Broke two accordion"), which was published in 1999 in the forum of the Car.<url> so often that it has become a well-known and very popular offtopic (network message beyond the predetermined themes of communication). Users became known as the author of "the accordionist" and the joke "accordion." A similar effect was caused by getting this joke on a Joke website.<url>. Pretty quickly the word "Bayan" turned the Internet into a symbol of old jokes, or just the banality akin to the "bearded joke"

Some of the word "Bayan" is regarded as an abbreviation of "Was a I did not know." It was also hypothesized about the origin of the word: "Bayat (to tell) > Bike > Bayan".
Another suggestion regarding the origin of this word as an Internet-MEMA, referred to contemptuously, mocking the meaning of "Bayan" as provincial and antiquated musical instrument.

The effect of using the replica of the "Bayan" is enhanced if it is to make an image of a musical instrument, or similar to it – accordion, if that allow the capabilities of the site. Or, when speaking, to portray the game on a Bayan/accordion.

Accordion will be the April fools joke about untied laces and a white back. Since they are not new and known to almost everyone.
Application examples:
- Bayan. It was a year ago."
- [:|||||||||:] (smiley depicting accordion)
- [:||||\/|||||:] (the same thing, only ripped)
- [:]/\/\/\/\/\/\[:] alternative
- [:}<|><|><|>{:]
- (\__/)
- (='.'=)
- E[:]|||||[:]Z — Bunny-boyanistaya
- (")_(")
Now jokes with the use of MEMA "Bayan" users came up with a sequel on the principle that it's not even the accordion - the harp, it is not even the harp is a flute, etc.

In more rare cases, "Bayan" is used with a different meaning, such as:
medical disposable insulin syringe, aka little red riding hood or insolence;
- battery (cast iron radiator) in the chamber;
- slang for a car Honda Accord;
- machine for fingerprinting;
old Russian or Slavic singer is mentioned in "Word about Igor's regiment";
- weekly music newspaper of the Russian Empire;
the tool Yandex.Direct for banner advertising.
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