Learn the rudiments of music. You do not need textbooks on music theory. It will be sufficient child benefits, which are explained in detail, what are the notes on the height and duration. With the height of the sound will understand in the tutorial for accordion when you practical exercises. Now focus on the durations of notes. The first task is to learn to count. Follow carefully all the jobs associated with the account.
Learn how to hold the instrument, move the fur to produce sound. Hands will quickly get used to the wrong position if in the beginning there will be errors. In the future it will become a barrier to professional growth. That this did not happen, start to do not the tutorial. Take 2-3 paid lesson from a teacher of the music school. This will be enough to master the initial position of the accordion and hands while playing.
Purchase learn to play the accordion. Basic knowledge of music, obtained at the 1st step, will allow you to navigate, is it clear given the material in a specific tutorial.
Make a work plan. Students of music schools are doing according to a certain program. You have to develop a plan for myself. Set a goal - to play each exercise 100 times, then move on to the next. In the first days and weeks better not to hurry, not to chase the number of lost exercises. Pay attention to the quality. Put in the work plan, the repetition of previously dismantled works.
Organize concerts. Do them every 2 months. In music schools there are technical tests and exams. Organize something similar for myself. Choose 2-3 works for concert and achieve goals. The first students may be friends, neighbors. It takes practice to cope with anxiety and get inspiration for further studies.