By purchasing the accordion, practice the correct statement of the case with the tool. Put on the accordion by the straps, and straighten the body, not leaning forward or back. The lower part of the accordion should rest against you in the knees, and her rear needs to touch your chest.
Make sure that when the accordion you are experiencing difficulties in moving apart the mechs, and nothing impedes their movement. Take a little in the direction of the forearm of the right hand and relax the wrist.
Tap the buttons of the accordion pads of fingers. Left hand place it between the back and the strap of the accordion, so that the belt touched the upper part of the left hand.
Play in the accordion depends on the movement of the bellows and pressing the buttons that adjust the tone and pitch of the sound. Pressing several buttons, you can hear a set of sounds simultaneously. Pinch in the sides of the fur of the accordion, you create a stream of air that passes through the sound plate, oscillating from the effects of air and creating sound waves of the desired height.
Rotate quietly and smoothly. The volume and richness of your game depends not on how hard you press the buttons, and how hard you push and shift the fur of the accordion.
To listen to when you were beautiful, you need to train correctly to dissolve and reduce fur. Learn how different movement of the bellows is influenced by the type and dynamics of the sound. If you press the button to move the fur quickly, the sound will be powerful.
If fur is slow to move, the sound will be weaker. If, starting to move fur slowly you accelerate, the sound will increase, but if you slow down, the sound will weaken. Learn to move and push the fur of the accordion evenly and smoothly to ensure the uniformity and smoothness of the sound.