Turn waste paper in special point of reception. Unlike large enterprises engaged in the recycling of such items does not require specific minimum volume of paper waste. Often items for recycling are created in organizations for the protection of the environment. If you have no time to search for such organizations, you can omit which you have accumulated trash in special containers that are placed on the streets.
In the cities there are specialized points of reception of metal waste. Finding them is easy: the announcement of scrap metal often found on the streets and on the Internet. Deliver in paragraph scrap metal you can do or arrange the export with the organization.
Gain turn glass waste into the glass. Of course, for this kind of waste you will receive a very small income. But will save the environment from another portion of glass, which does not decompose for a thousand years. Broken glass in high volumes for rent to factories, specializing in processing glass. Here this deviation is made, for example, mixes.
Turn plastic waste at the point of reception of secondary raw materials. It should be noted that organizations involved in this type of waste, even in large cities not so much. Therefore, to find them would not be very easy. For comparison, passing plastic bottles, you will receive much less revenue than glass. But do not forget that plastic is very harmful to the environment, in contrast to the neutral glass. In nature there are no mechanisms for breaking down plastic. Therefore, deciding about the proper disposal of plastic products, you take care about the environment.
Sometimes waste from human activities poses a great danger to the environment. Just throwing them in the trash, you're making some sort of environmental crime. For example, a double-a battery. Special containers for such waste do not exist in Russia. But some large home appliance stores containers to collect them installed on their sites.