You will need
  • - documents of the employee;
  • - labor legislation;
  • - documents of enterprises;
  • printing organizations;
  • - personnel documents;
  • - estimated bill.
When an employee works on two jobs in the same firm, it is called internal moonlighting. During the formation of the second work of a permanent employee should write is addressed to the Director of the company statement. In it, he needs to make his request to transfer from part-time primary position.
The statement is the basis for making changes to the terms of the employment contract with part-time workers. This can be done via supplemental agreement. It indicates that the combination is now the main work. The pay rates must be set in accordance with the staffing. Decorated on a permanent basis, the employee is entitled to receive wages in full.
Make an order in form T-8. Enter the fact of transfer of a concurrently employed person on a permanent basis. Refer to this article 66 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation. List the terms and conditions of the employment relationship, which has undergone a change. Write the personal details, tell him the order. Perform the certification of documents company seal, signature of the authorized person.
In the work book part-time make a record. It must contain the fact of termination of the employment relationship part-time and receiving for the same position on a permanent basis.
For external moonlighting, in this case the translation would be inappropriate. Part-time must retire from the second post and submit to HR the main place of work confirming the dismissal document. After making on the basis of the record of resignation from part-time employees HR Department employee should undergo the procedure of dismissal from the main office. And complete calculation and the results of their employment books.
The employee should submit the necessary documents (including workbook) the employer, where he worked part-time. On the basis of statements to the employee with a request for admission to the post should conclude a new employment contract, to issue an order on form T-1, to make the entry in his service book.