In accordance with article 68 of the labour code, order (order) on appointment to a part-time job is filled by a unified form T-1 (approved by the resolution of Goskomstat of Russia from January 5, 2004 No. 1) and the basis for it is concluded with the worker an employment contract, which must specify the nature of the work – in combination. With internal part-time workers, primary job which is in the same enterprise, there may be an additional agreement to the employment contract in her original post, which sets out the terms of combining.
In the order (a) fill in the relevant boxes where you specify the name of the structural unit, the position (specialty, profession), which will occupy part-time in accordance with the staffing. In that case, if the employee is employed on probation, enter the probation period. In the text of the order be sure to specify the conditions of employment in accordance with the text of the employment contract and the nature of the work – in combination.
Order sign at the head of the company or of the official who is authorized to sign the orders on hiring an appropriate order. Hand time a second copy of the signed order on receipt.
The order is the basis for human resource Manager filled out a personal card of the employee on form T-2 by making the appropriate information. The chief accountant should issue an order for opening of the personal account of the employee (form No. T-54 or N T-54A).