You will need
  • - administrator rights.
If you are using a proxy server directly on your computer, learn its IP address in the network connection properties. This address will act as the default gateway and is displayed in the same field. To start the network connection properties, call the network "Windows 7" via the control panel. Click on connection and select "Properties". In the properties of TCP/IP will be the gateway through which the computer connects to the Internet.
If you get the address of the proxyserver automatically, you can use the tracert command. Run the utility command line by using "start menu" and type tracert [the name of any external site] and press enter. The tool will display all the network nodes according to an ascending hierarchy up to the specified external. As a rule, at the command line you will get a more accurate and complete information about a proxy server, which is available on the personal computer.
There are some resources online that serve to define anonymity proxy servers. If you prefer anonymity on the Internet, check the quality of your broker sites,, and others. However, it should be noted that validation requires an active Internet connection.
Proxy server required to access internal networks to the Internet, for the temporary storage of frequently requested data (if a proxy has its own cache), to provide anonymity to users and protect their computers against attacks from the external network. In General it can be said that to find out the ip of the proxy server on the computer is not difficult, as you do not even need third-party software.