If the proxy server is directly from your provider, call customer support and ask them to tell you its IP address. Sometimes they can be several different protocols - then find out the addresses of all these servers. Open your browser and input the address of proxy servers and enter them there. For example, in Opera, press "O" to "Settings" - "General settings" - tab "Advanced" - "Network" - the button "Proxy servers".
You can also use third-party proxyservers. To do this, find out its IP address and type it in the browser in the way stated above. For example, the service NetPolice allows you to filter websites with content inappropriate for viewing by children. The IP addresses of proxy servers that service - (main) and (optional).
The browsers Mozilla new versions allow you to work through a proxy server for data compression, called Opera Turbo. It is located in Iceland. How to configure your browser to work with it is not required - it is sufficient to find in the bottom left corner button with a stylized image of a speedometer and click on it. Pressing again will put the browser in normal mode. If next to the speedometer displays an exclamation point in the triangle, it means that the service is currently unavailable, and data are transferred in the usual way. During operation Opera Turbo standard Flash applets are replaced with their analogs in the form of animated GIF images, and in the absence of such - the gray circles with the Play button. In the second case, to view this applet click on the button.
Connection to the Internet not directly but via proxy servers, provided the number of third-party browsers for mobile phones, the most common of which are Opera Mini and UcWeb. The settings of such browsers don't require they begin to work through proxy server immediately after installation. Their use is advisable even in the presence of unlimited data plan, to boot since the sites are much faster.
In conjunction with any browser, both on the computer and on the phone, you can use proxy servers, Google Wireless Transcoder and Skweezer. To do this, go to one of the following sites:http://google.EN/gwt/nhttp://skweezer.amsalem enter the address of the page you wish to visit. Do not fill on sites viewed through these services, any form of input with the use of the Cyrillic alphabet - your messages will be unreadable.
Discussed above, proxy servers are not anonymous. They give site owners information about your current IP address. The use of anonymizing proxy servers illegal, and from exposure will not protect all the same, since the system of operative-investigative activities (SORM) can still be defined, who is the author of, for example, offensive messages. Besides, revealing the fact of use of anonymizing proxyservers , even without evil intentions, you can block the owner of the visited site. Also you should not use any proxy servers, not even anonymous, to bypass content filters included in the corporate local networks.
A copy of the content of the site created on the proxy server, is temporary and is an integral part of the process of data transmission. For this reason, from the legislative point of view, the creation of this copy is not a reproduction, and therefore does not violate anyone's rights, provided that the content is lawfully posted on the website that you visit.