Server ports have their own numbers, which are specified in the settings. Many players in computer games you often need to know the port the game server. It is quite simple. Not leaving the game, minimize it, and click "start" on the computer. Next, look for the Run command and select it. In the input bar write "cmd" and click enter. In the black window (console) and manually enter "netstat" and press the enter key. The computer will display all the currently active Connections and Ports. They are presented in the form of a numerical combination of the IP address followed by a colon and the specified port active.
If you want to know the port of the proxy server that your computer uses to connect to the Internet, do the following. The easiest way: open the properties of your network connection and find the line "default gateway". It is the address specified in this string will be the proxy server used by your computer. If this line is nothing, see the settings in the Internet browser. To do this, go to the tab "tools", find the Internet options or connections, then go to menu "Network" or "LAN settings" (depends on browser). In this menu item should be mapped to the port of the proxy server. If not, then most likely the browser works with web pages directly without a proxy server.
Another option is to use the tracert command. In most cases, but not always, it also displays the port number. For example, you want to know the server port To do this in command line (console) enter the following: tracert The first number is the server port for the web'. Next you will see the address of the internal proxy server, your IP address and so on.