First of all, Windows operating systems, open the start menu, go to "control Panel". Go to "Network connections", right-click the icon of your connection to the Internet and select "Status". In the opened window select the tab "Support". Your IP address will be written in the appropriate line "IP address".
For Unix systems, open a terminal and run the following command:
#sudo ifconfig
or on behalf of the administrator root
The screen displays the properties of all your network interfaces. Network connection to the Internet will be named ppp0 or ppp1. His IP will be written after the word inetaddr.
But to find out the IP of your Internet so it is not always possible - many providers disguise the real IP of the client. To learn from any operating system your real IP, go to one of the following sites -,, Your IP address will be displayed on a web page. At the same time pay attention to the line "Proxy": if on the contrary it is "in use", it means that your computer is connected to the network through an intermediate proxy server, and find out the real IP of the computer impossible. The most common connection method used in organizations in the workplace.
On Unix-like systems to find out the IP of your Internet you can also, by running the following command in console:
#wget -O - -q
Your address will be displayed.
If you are connected to the Internet via a router, then open the control panel of the router and click the tab "Condition". The external IP address will be listed in the appropriate line.