Advice 1: How to set proxy for Skype

A proxyserver is a computer that acts an intermediary between your machine and any service of a computer on the Internet or just a network site. The reasons for using proxy servers can be, for example, regional settings, or access the Internet. For example, some CSPs limiting the use of Skype. These limitations can be circumvented, if you configure a proxy server for Skype.
How to set proxy for Skype
Find active and working proxy server. Skype, and other programs directly associated with the use of a network connection, can work through a proxy. And this feature is incorporated by the developer and is well established. But to connect you need the ip address and port of the server. But if you didn't buy access to such opportunities, you do not have these data. But in the web you can find free proxy.
Start your browser and enter in address line or You will see a list of ip addresses indicating the country or region to which this server. Next, usually through a colon, will be written the number of the port that can be used for the connection. For data validation check click the link at the end of the description line and wait for the result. In the end, you will have the ip address and the port number of the proxy server that you can use to configure Skype.
Configure to use proxy in Skype. To do this, run the program, click menu "Tools" in the login window. Click the line "connection Problem" and you will see the settings window of the connection. Select from the drop down list select HTTPS and enter the address and port number of the proxy server you found and checked. To do this, use the field "Host" and "Port" in the settings window. Leave blank the field "Enable authorization". Click "Save" at the bottom of the window and start using Skype — ie enter your username and password.
To set proxy for Skype it is possible and through the internal menu options. If your Skype client is authenticated automatically at startup, in the program window, click "Tools" and select menu "Settings". Very often users put a tick "Remember password" and a window for login and password just not displayed. Click "Advanced" and select "Connection". You will see a field to enter the address and port number of the proxy. Enter this information, click "Save" and confirm that the proxy will be used at the next startup of Skype.

Advice 2 : How to configure Skype through a proxy

Skype is becoming increasingly popular, it can be used both for correspondence and for calls and video calls. It often happens that access to the Internet on your PC through the proxy server, in this case, to use Skype you will need to configure additional options.
How to configure Skype through a proxy
You will need
  • - desktop computer/notebook/netbook
  • - Skype
First and foremost, you need to run Skype. To do this, click start, then click on "All programs" to open the menu and click once on Skype. Also if you have a shortcut of Skype on the desktop or in the quick launch menu, you can launch Skype by clicking on this shortcut.
Enter the username and password to log into the program.
In the top menu select "Tools", then "Settings", then "Advanced" tab and section "Connection".
By default, this section is "Automatic discovery of proxy serverand" to specify the address and port of the proxy serverand select the appropriate type of proxy serverand in the drop-down list.
If your proxy server uses authorization, check the "Enable authorization proxy server isa" and enter the username and password. Click "Save".
In order for these changes to take effect, you must restart the Skype. To do this, close the program and make sure it is not running on the computer. Then re-start Skype as described in the first paragraph of this instruction.
To change these settings, you do not need to be online, you need to log in to the program.
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