You will need
  • The address of the proxy server, access to the Internet.
The first thing you need to find a proxy server. For this search engine, type "Free proxy"/"proxy Free"/"Free proxy". The address of the proxy server is " ; where " — IP-address ":yyyy — port.
Check proxies for performance. This can be done in two ways: by using special software or using the Internet services. The second method is more simple, it is therefore better to use it.To check proxy server on the performance online, click here and in the "Place proxy list here, copy the address of your proxy server. Next, click on "Check list and if your server is working, soon it will appear in the "Good proxies .
Now you need to configure your browser to use a proxy server. For Mozilla Firefox, follow these steps: "Tools — preferences — advanced — Network — Configure — Manual setup of the proxy server .If you use browser Opera: "Tools — options — Advanced — Network — Proxy servers .To configure Google Chrome to work with a proxy server: "Options — Settings — Advanced — Network — Change proxy settings-server . In Internet Explorer work with a proxy server can be configured so: "Tools — Internet options — Connections — LAN settings — Use a proxy server for your LAN .