To find out your IPaddress within the local network in Windows, click on the icon with two stylized monitors located in the lower right of the screen, or run the command ipconfig /All. In the second case, you will also get additional data. For example, if network access is via a network card, you will learn its MACaddress.
In Linux to determine the IPaddressand the local network ifconfig. In the case that you use to access Internet mobile phone using KPPP, hit it on the button "Details" and the sign "KPPP Statistics" you will see the address inside the local network operator and external IPaddress. Note that sometimes, due to a bug in the program, these two addressare reversed.
Go to the website, the address of which is specified in the end of the page. Please note that with phone in browser UC it is sometimes not available. Depending on which way you go online, you will recognize either a single address (external you appointed, the provider), or two (external and located behind a proxy server). The second situation occurs if you use the means of compression of the ingoing and outgoing data (e.g., Opera Mini, Opera Turbo, UC Skweezer). Note that these servers are not anonymous (that is, the owners of the sites you visit will still know your real external address). The use of anonymizing proxy servers in most forums and other Internet resources is considered bad manners.
To find out whether your IPaddress is dynamic or static, disconnect from the network then reconnect to it. Now check all three addressa (in the local network and the external proxy server). Those that have changed compared to the previous, and are dynamic.