You will need
  • Certificate of sole proprietorship or LLC
  • Bank account, purse in Web Money
  • The "box" of the website of the online store
  • Established relations with one or more suppliers of clothing
  • Several couriers in the state or arrangement with a third-party courier service
Register your shop for yourself (as an individual entrepreneur) or legal entity (limited liability company). Selling clothes online, you will have to comply with all the requirements that the state imposes on the retailer. For payment by Bank transfer you need to open a Bank account.
Order site web-Studio or individual expert who provides services of this kind. Online store is one of several most common types of electronic resources, which are ordered web masters. Therefore, there are a number of standard solutions specifically designed outlet online.
Begin your search for suppliers with whom you will work, selling clothes on the Internet. The system of interaction with suppliers needs to be arranged in a special way – because working online shopping often without stock. That is, to obtain goods from a supplier should in fact order his client to your store – quickly and with full confidence that the subject has in his warehouse.
Organize the system of delivery of goods to the customers of your online store. You need to provide several methods of delivery – how with the courier, "hand in hand", and with the help of the postal service. With special delivery, and linked the choice of payment method – by Bank transfer, cash, cod by mail or "electronic money".