Determine what types of merchandise will offer your online store. Identify your target audience. Consider, in what could be a competitive advantage onlinestore. Choose beautiful and memorable name, are easily transformed into a domain name.
Do not skimp on the development of the site both in terms of programming and in terms of design. Carefully consider site navigation from the point of view of convenience of the user: it should be absolutely clear what actions they are required to view products and checkout. Select the best hosting option based on the technical objectives and characteristics of the site. Provide as many methods of payment for goods. It is also desirable to develop a mobile version of its website for mobile phones and tablets.
Take care about the appearance of the onlinestore and its content. Goods offered shall be fitted with high-quality photographs and concise and exhaustive description, as all names can be easily read. Take a separate page for posting information about your online store. Provide various methods of feedback: phone number, email, ICQ number, Skype contact, etc. will Not be superfluous to place photos of employees for "impersonation" onlinestore.
Since the beginning of functioning of the Internetshop should be a systematic test of its efficiency (both technical and marketing aspects). Encourage customers to leave reviews about your service. Explain the importance of obtaining such information, make the process of posting reviews is as simple and fast. Offer incentives for posting reviews. It is also useful to analyze the successes and failures of its direct competitors.