First we need to define what kind of product you want to sell via the Internet. Because there are many different products. All of it can be divided into: products that are suitable for placing orders via the Internet (for example, books, furniture, baby products), and those that were poorly suited for this activity. Study competitors, supply and demand in the Internet.

When creating an Internet business should pay for the check store, the purchase and subsequent registration of the cash register and domain registration. The name of your online store should not exceed 6 letters that could be remembered. Sometimes the greatest success of the company it is better to fork out to buy an existing domain with a perfectly matched to the selected type of goods name.

You should also consider up-front costs. One of the most expensive items is a certain software framework (called engine). Costs increase if you need hard developed software, for example, combined with back-office or with a complex design of the Studio. The correct choice of engine is very important: though it and is not seeing clients, but it will need to handle. At the same time, from its convenience, but also depends on the quality and speed when making changes on the website. In this case you can not spend the money to buy those servers, but simply rent them.

Then you can go to the purchase of goods. If you have no experience in Internet product, then it is better instead of a self-start find a partner among the businesses that sell the same products but don't have Internet offices.

For the selection of suppliers will note the location of their warehouses: it can greatly affect the speed of execution of orders. Plan and means of implementation of product delivery directly from supplier's warehouse to the customer: a private courier service or postal delivery.

In that case, if you want to sell real goods, it is better to have a small but its own warehouse. To reduce launch costs limit small inventory. But if the purchases are planned to be made at the warehouse and under the order, then it is important to know about the changing prices and availability of goods from suppliers.

Discuss with the suppliers of required working conditions: discounts for quantity, prices, payment methods, the minimum quantity of the item, accompanying documents when implementing sale and terms of return.