Probably the most common type of sale is the sale of clothing, accessories and equipment. These are things that will always be needed, and with a high-quality service people you will always be able to buy them.

Let's start with the fact that now quite profitable to open their shops in different social networks such as "Vkontakte" or "Odnoklassniki". In this case, you don't have to dress up to pay for the creation of a personal website for the sale, it all can happen later when your business will grow.

First you need to select the audience, upon which you will choose a product for your store. No one will buy old out of fashion things. Look on the Internet that is now more prevalent among young people, be it teenagers and young people often make orders online. Next, you need to create a group or page account in a social network with a catchy title that will interest the buyer.

The most important part of creating your own shop. You have to find good and reliable suppliers with quality products.

You have to fill your page with a bright colorful pictures of your product with a detailed description that will characterize the product. Now, when half the work is already done, you must attract the buyer. Possible to do free advertising in other communities, but if you are willing to make a small contribution to promote your shop, it will be a huge plus for you. When buyers begin to "catch up" should not be afraid of them, happy to answer their questions. Make pleasant conversation with the buyer, and then he will not refuse to make an order with you again.

It is important to remember that you should not sell clothes immediately with a huge margin. Start small: with an inexpensive, but necessary and good things. When you have regular customers, conduct auctions, do discounts on goods, contests and other activities that will interest your subscribers.

Make your store original and safe. Most buyers are worried about the safety of online stores. Your task is to present things at the highest level, whatever have any doubt about your honesty and sincerity. Believe me, over time your shop will be a favorite for many users of the social network. Make sure that your customers can leave reviews about the products with your store. After all, seeing a positive opinion about you, and others want to make purchases from you.