First have to register your business officially. It is better to use simplified taxation system.

A basic objective with the launch of its online store will be the creation of the site. It is recommended to create a unique website-hosted on a paid domain. The functionality of the site needs to be simple and intuitive to visitors. It's advisable to hire a separate employee to ensure the smooth operation of your Internet resource.

The website can be considered convenient if it will feature pictures and brief descriptions of the dresses, the possibility of increasing the photos, the option to sort item according to its value, online consultant. The client needs to see photos of dresses from different sides. Joints, fittings and other details dresses it is desirable to show separately. Under each model should be a detailed description containing information on colour, material, features to care for this dress, etc.

To increase the volume of sales order creation process on the website should be as optimized and comfortable for the client. It is advisable to allocate a separate page for information about payment methods and product delivery. In addition, the site owner must provide guarantees to return the money for the goods of improper quality.

To survive in a tough competition with similar Internet–resources, uniqueness and ease of use of the website will not be enough.

For this purpose on the website must always be presented to a wide range of dresses of popular brands, tempting system of discounts, up to 70% have dresses in different price categories.

The availability of inexpensive dresses on the website will help customers relatively safe to check the quality of service in the online store. And making sure it has a clear function, they begin to order more expensive clothes and in large volumes.

The range of the online store must not be less than 400 units.

Online shop consultant is required to help buyers with the selection of dresses, and to inform customers about current promotions and discounts.

With regular customers must be contacted on a regular basis. They are the first to know about new models or the launch of new actions.