Sign up in the system for creating online stores. For example, a good web services to create free online stores: Shopify, InSales, WebAsyst Shop-Script. Registration is very simple, you need to fill in a few fields we offer. In addition, you can open the online shop in social networks: in "My World", "Vkontakte" and on Facebook. Today, they create huge opportunities for branding, Commerce and marketing.
Select the design of the store with a list of free templates. Remember that you can replace the free template individual design. If you want to do it, then you need to choose a paid option, while opening the store.
Create only one account.

Create up to ten records in a relationship management with customers (CRM).
In addition to these conditions, you may need to create different forms of communication (email, ICQ) to communicate and support clients.
Rent an office-warehouse that is the place where you will store the goods, and where "self" can give customers the goods ordered.

You also need to hire staff that will carry out all the work. It administrator, courier, driver, storekeeper, master.

It is important to consider different methods of delivery of the goods to the customers.
After completing all these simple conditions, you can get professional and quality online store in which you can attract buyers, to sell products, services and easily manage the work of the store.