Every online store starts with an idea. Features, secrets, nuances of on the Internet store shared Love Merenkov, Director of the Russian Internet-shop of exclusive products, in our interview:

Shopping no longer requires a movement in search of a suitable product. Enough to have a computer with Internet access. Does this mean the death of traditional stores?
- In any case. Always been, are and will be followers real stores. It and consumers without a computer, and those who get pleasure from physical shopping, and those buyers who are unable to find in the Internet a suitable product.

- That is, online shopping is an application, but not to replace the real store?
- Again, no. In the online shops often completely exclusive products. Not every beauty salon will offer you employed an innovative tool for the natural lengthening of the eyelashes or medication to stimulate hair growth. In addition, in Moscow and in other Russian cities you can run into fakes. Even the shops in the "Okhotny Ryad" or TSUM Department store are not a guarantee that you will get genuine Lacoste, Bruno Banani or Tommy Hilfiger. Large online shops can provide all the supporting certificates.

- How comes the idea to open your own online store?
- Open an online store less costly than the outlet even in the market. For starters, you can not use a designer free websites, for example on narod. I started with drugs and dietary supplements against hair loss well-known Italian brand. Put these products in the online store, not having studied the market, without any experience, not having its own warehouse, just putting a home phone. Waited calls. The result, of course, was not followed. It turned out that to open the store on the Internet is easy, but to promote difficult... Advertised product on the free classifieds on the Internet. And it bore fruit! After a month received the first order.

Managed to win the trust of consumers for your online store?
- What was selected the course – customer of our online store, so it was convenient, profitable, interesting, comfortable and fast. Posted by: work 24 hours a day. Started calling day and night. Jumped at 4 am, grabbed the phone and Boyko told about the drug, sleepy wrote down the order and once again fell asleep.

- Online stores are often support real shops, hallmark. Not thought to open the reality equivalent?
- Often discussing it, but then the idea is not. First, clothing from Germany high quality after hanging in the boutique will receive an additional markup on the price of rent and salary of the seller. It's up to 100% of surplus-value. Second, beauty products are already offered in a number of representative offices in Moscow, so to create another point with the same product, in my opinion, irrational and unjustified.

- What means promote the online store?
- The old-fashioned way: boards with ads online and advertising (runner, banner, article). One of the proven ways to advertise online store – participation in exhibitions. Try to personally introduce cosmetic and therapeutic tools in the Moscow and regional exhibitions.

- Goodwill and commitment - that's what I want to see consumers, including in the online store. How do you implement?
In online work, these benefits are quite feasible. Picking up the phone, thank the potential client for the call. Listen carefully. If a person is interested in Bud or treatment of an external tool, ask diagnosis (if not diagnosed, I recommend to consult the doctor). Then I introduce the drug and take the order.
For seven years I have learned to understand what the customer is calling, what he wants and will purchase you make. Calling the price of the drug, always offer a discount of 3-5%. Was wondering if the buyer has children. This issue taught me a spouse. If the family has children, offer a discount more 7% or 10% to the money saved went on the child. It is also nice.
We carry out actions: for example, each client put in the package gift. On Valentine's Day, February 23 and March 8 be sure to put the Souvenirs.

- Post-Soviet buyer subconsciously still distrust the seller, and even more remote. How to overcome this?
- If the buyer of the online store was originally set up that it deceived or "divorce", in 99% it is going to happen to him. The principle of a normal store - not to engage in the hard sell. We patiently advise, answer in detail, even the strange questions. Ready to provide all certificates and other information. The consumer is free to decide: to buy or not.

- You check every item in the online store for defects, expiration date, before you send it?
- Of course! Goods are always checked, but not shipping a fence in front of the vendor. All the goods are in control of ourselves without intermediaries, so marriage in our store was never.

- Money back if I just didn't like the product?
For cosmetics and underwear – no. Because they are on the List of goods that cannot be exchanged or returned. Clothes without problems will accept and will exchange within 14 days from the date of purchase.

- Explain to consumers how to avoid mistakes with choosing the online store to be able to distinguish a cheater?
- First, on the website of the online store must be prescribed contacts a PI or LLC, phone numbers, addresses. Second, specify the supplier's contact. Any phone user can contact and make sure that the seller on the spot, running. Also the user can arrive at the addresses, and personally verify the honesty of the seller. Third, on the website of the online store must be specified fixed prices. If there is no price – wait, you "planted" as long as possible.

- What is the benefit of ordering products through the online store, because buying online is mostly a big risk? Not safer to buy a branded item in a real store?
In developed countries, consumers have long ceased aimlessly in search of the necessary things a long time to go shopping. From Europe to Russia came online shopping of clothes. High time to overcome the fear of inappropriate size or a fake. The risk is always there, even when you personally go to the fashion boutique. But today, all issues are resolved within the legislation and in Internet stores: a 14 day exchange has not been canceled.

- Your online shop since 2004. Based on our own experience, what advice would give to a beginner online seller? How to open a online store?
- Pay attention to the product. Find a product which is not yet available from competitors. Dear online sellers, make trade interesting. Even "mainstream" products you offer so that they looked brand new. Do not be afraid of difficulties, go to the target, and if not immediately think of in difficult times, only the goal will guide me. Love and respect your customers. The only everyone as, no matter a hundred or a thousand his order. It's your reputation! Real seller – always polite and attentive. And finally, you need to love your business, your online store. People are opening their own business are those who are tired of working for the man. And that means your online store needs to be the best.