You will need
  • Accounting data, calculator. production calendar, handle.
If the employee wage is calculated depending on the fixed salary, you need to calculate the average daily earnings. It depends on the total amount of wages. The sum of the salary and put the award of the specialist over a month.
From the production calendar for your enterprise the sum of the total number of working days in a particular monthe, excluding weekends and holidays.
The amount of the monthly salary divide by a specific number of working days. The result is the amount of wages for the employee in the month.
Calculate the number of actual days this specialist in a particular monthe, which corresponds to the number of days in a Timecard for this employee.
The average daily earnings at the employee's salary multiply by number of actual days. Then calculate the amount of premiums, if applicable the employee also based on the actual days worked. The total amount divide by the number of days in this monthe received multiply the result by the number of days that the employee was in the workplace.
Fold the actual received amount of salary and amount of the awards will receive the total amount of the earnings of the expert to the results. From the result, subtract the amount of income tax. Actual earnings and multiply by the tax rate on personal income. Subtract the resulting amount from the total amount of the actual earnings of the employee. The obtained result corresponds to the employee's salary for actually worked number of days.
If the employee payment is made from the clock output, calculate the average hourly earnings. To do this, divide the amount of salary on number of hours worked. Received multiply the result by the actual number of hours worked in a particular monthOf amounts of money to the results subtract the amount of income tax.
When the employee salary is charged depending on the standards, multiply the number of products produced by the employee, the posited norm. From the result subtract the sum of the tax to incomes of physical persons.