Advice 1: How to calculate the salary for employees

Wages workers shall be assessed and paid at least 2 times a month according to the labour code of the Russian Federation. Payroll depends on the conditions of remuneration concluded with an employee. There is a salary, work on hour rate or output. To the sum of wages plus the amount of premium or remuneration and the regional factor. With each employee's calculated income tax in the amount of 13% of the total earnings. Income tax is not deducted from the amount that is accrued for sick leave.
How to calculate the salary for employees
If the employee a set hourly rate, that salary is considered based on the number of hours worked for the month. The amount of the tariff rate for one hour of work is calculated based on regulatory hours in a given month according to the labor legislation.
For employees working in shifts weekend days are days are not work for their schedule. That is, double pay or extra day off shall be paid only when waste days that do not coincide with the established schedule. Thus, Saturday, Sunday and holidays cannot be paid in double size. For night work from 22 hours to 6 hours is 20% higher tariff rates. The internal order of the enterprise can be set a different charge for night hours.
If you set the salary, that salary is calculated based on the average rate for one hour on a fixed salary. To do this, the amount of salary divided by the number of hours in a given month under the labour law. The resulting amount is multiplied by the hours actually worked. Added to the sum of the regional factor and the deducted amount of tax of 13%. If the provided award or other cash allowances, they added to the amount of money earned and only after that calculate the income tax. Weekends and holidays are paid double time or an extra day off.
Working from the definition is the sum of generation, the added bonus, cash allowances and a regional coefficient. From the amount received deducted tax of 13%.

Advice 2 : How to calculate the salary of the PI

Himself individual entrepreneur (IE) do not pay the salary, as all the profit is his personal funds. But when SP first workers appear, inevitably the question arises, how to calculate the salary.
How to calculate the salary of the PI
Payroll is based on the shape and size of remuneration, which is fixed in the employment contract. You need to determine the number of hours worked or days (with time-based system) or the volume of services rendered, goods sold (under a piece-rate system).
If necessary, the employee's salary are added various allowances. For example, based on the climatic conditions of the region and working conditions. Also SP has the right to charge the employee a premium for good results.
After the wages were calculated, the PI can proceed with the payment. Calculated the salary should be divided into two parts - the down payment and final payment. An advance may be paid in a fixed amount (for example, 5 thousand rubles), or of the account of the executed amount of works. The order and terms of payment of wages must be documented.
To get paid in cash on the statement, under the signature of the employee. In Russia there is a unified form of statements, which was approved by Goskomstat in 2004, the Other option is to transfer wages to a personal Bank account of the employee.

Any payments to individual entrepreneurs must provide each employee the pay sheet, which reflects the parameters of the calculation his salary.
All income (including salary and bonus) is required to transfer to the budget personal income tax of 13% (30% for non-residents). SP acts in this case as a tax agent. In the hands of the employees salary is given without regard to personal income tax. The transfer of personal income tax is only 1 time a month - on the day of payment of the final payment.
From the employee's salary may be made and other deductions by court order - child support, other penalties, etc., but not more than 70% of the amount of salary.
Also, IP must from its own resources, to make any deductions for employee pension Fund and the FSS. The average amount of taxes to extra-budgetary funds is about 30%.
Salary should not be below the minimum wage - 5 554 p. in 2014 And in some regions can be set its own minimum wage.

Advice 3 : Credit to labour

Usually banks do not issue credits for hiring workers, so if you need money to pay for hired labor, it makes sense to take the usual consumer credit. It is worth remembering, in some cases, we pay the workers? Typically, when a proposed construction or renovation. Therefore, when specifying the purpose of the loan, the Bank may specify these goals.
Credit to labour

To get a consumer loan when you visit the office, you must bring all the necessary documents such as passport, certificate of residency, registration in the country or a specific region, INN, income, etc. If you do not have official registration in the Russian Federation, you will not be able to get a loan. To get it in this case, you will need to obtain a temporary residence permit, then you will be able to count on a small credit for personal needs.

If you are a citizen of the Russian Federation and you are over 18, you most likely are guaranteed to get a loan that will give in a short time. However, if you pay any loans, the Bank may consider your application longer.

There is also the option of taking out a loan on the Internet. In this case, you need to remember that the interest rate on the loan will be higher, and the amount will not be of such a size that you could get when you visit a Bank office. But the advantage of this loan is that it is very fast. To obtain credit in the Internet need already registered e-wallet which will be credited to the funds or Bank card.

Some banks that have sites on the Internet also provide the possibility of obtaining a loan online without visiting their office. Online there are a large number of small financial institutions that are also engaged in the loan, however, many borrowers prefer not to deal with such companies because they do not trust them and believe that the risk of running into Scam in this situation is too great.

Of course, the choice of loan, especially a large amount, you should contact your known in the market for state-owned banks with good reputation. To the risk of being cheated tend to zero, it is necessary to look closely at the text of the Treaty, in order to avoid any unpleasant situations in future.

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