Advice 1: How to name beauty salon

Beauty specialists believe that a good salon should be, first, to meet all sanitary standards, and secondly to please a wide range of services, thirdly, the master must be good psychologists and positioning of the client. But the name of the beauty salon no less important than the stylist with a delicate artistic taste.
The name of the beauty salon plays an important role
You will need
  • - Phone directory to find out which salons in your locality
  • - Collections of myths and legends
  • - Dictionary of foreign words
  • - Pens and paper for brainstorming
Wonderful myths.
It is desirable that the name of the heroine of a myth or legend or a real historical era was at the hearing. Cleopatra, Aphrodite, Athena is the most typical examples. But you can open the collections of myths of Greece, Egypt, India (especially if the cabin is used Ayurvedic cosmetics and in the interior selected Indian motifs) and look for a positive character. Her name should be fairly short and sweet. But one must consider the context. If the heroine was soft, feminine, beautiful, her name will sound. Call the beauty salon Medea, Lamia is Hecate or not very appropriate.
Foreign words.
The most common languages are French or Italian. Names because of its melody fall on the ear. It's quite common method when other options are no more, and the target audience of the salon - quite wide; it includes the middle class, and wealthy, and young, and ladies of elegant age. A good title consists of one word, or does not break up the intonation. But it is important not to have too much pathos. If the beauty salon is located in the region with a distinctive local dialect, "La belle dame" will sound like "Labelitem", and "toujours" will turn into "jacket".
The world of high fashion.
In this semantic basket you can put words like "fashion", "trendy", "style". Or in Russian: "glamour", "socialite", "high style". Lifting bar, salon owner sometimes reputation is at risk. Because in the cabin with such a pretentious name like Dolce SPA cannot be stripped of linoleum.
Flashy and neat.
This includes women's names (Alyonushka, Anastasia, Ellen, Nancy), and the names of the colors (Orchid, rose, Lily), and the definition of a beautiful woman (beauty, cutie, enchantress). Salons often referred to more abstract names: "Visit", "Magic". Frequent and neutral phrase "Magic of beauty", the "First lady", "Beautiful people". This is a typical name for a typical salons whose owners are related to the world of small and medium business. They sound appropriate, run-on hearing of the task force and does not cause rejection. From the same category long name "beauty from...", "Laboratory of grace..." and so on.
If the beauty salon is not only the three rooms of the manicure, hairdresser and Solarium, but also a kind of interest attraction, it's worth thinking about the hooligan throw and even the title, which focuses on the original service. For example, in the salon focuses on features of pedicures. There are modern devices, medical cosmetics, you can make a pedicure with fish. It is possible to take the risk, call the interior "Leg" and make a motto like, "We know about your feet"? In this case, the seasonal influx of customer provided. It's already the end of February women start to think about the summer shoes, and hence about foot care. In this case, go to the salon is like to go to the doctor. Only better.
It is necessary to observe balance between the name of the salon and its interior, pricing, professionalism and cultural level of the masters. It is equally important that the name was native to the target audience. If the salon wants to build momentum at the expense of official adulthood, then call the beauty of "Nymphet" is fraught.
Useful advice
Before a salon owner will think about the name, he was going to be the mission of the salon and to form a clear idea of the clientele. A housewife from nearby houses, women with status or a young girl? If the salon carries the imprint of the personality is bright and juicy, the title will appear without much hassle.

Advice 2 : How to name beauty salon

Beauty salons in different price categories many. Therefore, a new, recently opened, the institution must attract attention, otherwise customers will not. Attracting attention of customers - and advertising and promotions, and discounts, and a catchy title.
How to name beauty salon
Despite the fact that almost every beauty salon and mens room, as a rule, the promotions and the usual names of salons involve the impact on the female audience. Overall, this is the right choice: most clients are women. In addition, women are more susceptible to advertising and are all catchy and memorable. However, because of this the name of beauty are often very similar (a woman's name or the name of the flower, for example).
A good name - the name of the original. Therefore, in order to call beauty better to abandon the frequently used options. Immediately drop all female names, even the most pretentious. Passing by the beauty salon under the name "Eloise", the client can forget that 300 meters back she saw the beauty of "Elvira". If you are the owner of "Elvira", you hardly will go on advantage.
Check your search engines (or just walk around the area where is your beauty salon what are the names of your closest competitors. So you immediately discard certain options and will be able to perform what the name will be allocated on their background. In addition, "breaking" each competitor on the search engines, you will be able to see which salon is popular and what is not. It also depends on the name.
The name of the beauty salon as the name of any other business, product or service, of course, must be associated with the essence of such business, product or service. The Association should be positive, causing emotions, otherwise the name will not be remembered. For example, a beauty salon called "Style" is clearly going to lose the beauty salon called "life is beautiful!"
Think about what target audience do you expect. If you open a beauty salon economy class, its name should not cause associations with wealth and money (won't come names like "Dolce Vita"). Conversely, in the names of the beauty premium should avoid such associations. Similarly, the title serves, among other things, filter clients.
If you are not sure what to call the beauty salon for yourself, contact the experts on the drafting of the names of the couple. These may be freelancers with education in the field of linguistics, and advertising agencies that offer the service of naming separately or in conjunction with the development of the brand of your business.
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