You will need
  • dictionaries;
  • paper;
  • - handle;
  • - a fantasy.
Most often, the names of trading platforms for sale auto choose compound names. So, one part of the name can be common to "auto", "motors". As a rule, the second part of the name stands a brand of car or the status of implemented machines. For example, "BMW car", "Avtomir", "Renault motors", "Elite cars", "Cars" and others. To compose this kind of name, armed with pen and paper and write come to mind the words in two columns. Then try different variations to make them together, writing the most interesting variations.
Also in the list drawn up for comparison, I can make the names of the competitors. After analyzing them, you will be able to remove the banal and unattractive ideas.
Try to use dictionaries. It is not necessary that the name was in Russian. But when choosing foreign words, please specify their meaning.
Invite potential customers to participate in generating ideas. Such action not only will help to come up with an original name of your dealership, but also attract the attention of consumers. If you already have the options, offer to choose the best of them through vote. Be sure to give the winner a valuable prize. It can be a gift certificate or a discount card of your company.
When multiple names are selected, think about the future of your dealership. Imagine how it will look in the logo, sign, advertising materials, how will sound the slogan of the dealership, what domain name you choose when creating the site.