The name of the perfume store, should be easy flying, tasty, attractive, because its main customers are girls and women. It should emphasize the effect which gives her a good perfume. For example, perfect options such as "Flirty", "Candy", "Charm", "Chic", and others.
When selecting names store, it is advisable not to take the banal and highly popular. So try not to choose one of the above, come up with something more original.
Good move – part name. It may include two words or two parts of words. More parts should be avoided in order not to make the name too complicated. You can consider options such as "noun + adjective" ("the Good fairy", "Magic wand"), "adjective + adjective" ("Most beautiful"), "adjective + verb" ("to be Desired"). You can choose the most original solutions.
To make the name of the composite parts, convenient to use paper and pen. Write different words in different columns and align them with each other. So you can get options such as "Elitarium", "Agromarket" and others.
When choosing the name, you can use dictionaries, including foreign. Just before to choose anything from another language, be sure to check all the possible meanings of the word.
Choose a name, looking to the future. It should not just easy to read and pronounce, but beautiful to look at signage and other advertising products. Consider how in each case may look the store logo, which you get a domain name.
When you prepare a preliminary list of ideas, invite a group of potential buyers to evaluate them or to suggest their own versions. Be sure to give the participants of cute gifts from your store.