Advice 1: How to call shop online

The choice of name for the perfume shop is an important part of business organization. Bright, beautiful, juicy the name attracts the eyes, makes you go to the store, and later to buy something.
How to call shop online
The name of the perfume store, should be easy flying, tasty, attractive, because its main customers are girls and women. It should emphasize the effect which gives her a good perfume. For example, perfect options such as "Flirty", "Candy", "Charm", "Chic", and others.
When selecting names store, it is advisable not to take the banal and highly popular. So try not to choose one of the above, come up with something more original.
Good move – part name. It may include two words or two parts of words. More parts should be avoided in order not to make the name too complicated. You can consider options such as "noun + adjective" ("the Good fairy", "Magic wand"), "adjective + adjective" ("Most beautiful"), "adjective + verb" ("to be Desired"). You can choose the most original solutions.
To make the name of the composite parts, convenient to use paper and pen. Write different words in different columns and align them with each other. So you can get options such as "Elitarium", "Agromarket" and others.
When choosing the name, you can use dictionaries, including foreign. Just before to choose anything from another language, be sure to check all the possible meanings of the word.
Choose a name, looking to the future. It should not just easy to read and pronounce, but beautiful to look at signage and other advertising products. Consider how in each case may look the store logo, which you get a domain name.
When you prepare a preliminary list of ideas, invite a group of potential buyers to evaluate them or to suggest their own versions. Be sure to give the participants of cute gifts from your store.

Advice 2 : How to come up with a name for the store?

What's in a name? In fact, on behalf of the depends very much. Especially when it comes to the name of the company or, for example, store. Correctly chosen name draws attention to a new point and contributes to the rapid expansion of client base. Bad name, in turn, can lead to ridicule and bad conversations.
How to come up with a name for the store?
First of all, you must choose a unique name that is not already used in your chosen field. To verify the uniqueness of names you can use the Internet. Just search for the name in the search bar and see results. If this name is already in use, but in a completely different field of trade, then this option should not be discarded.
Choose a name for the store in two ways. The first way is to come up with the name independently. If you have decided to choose the name for the store, first of all, think about what feeling should arise from passersby when they will see your sign? Write down these feelings on paper. Then write down those words and phrases that can theoretically cause passers these feelings. Perhaps at this stage you will need to use a thesaurus. A thesaurus is a dictionary of synonyms, which will allow you to expand your list.
In self-selecting titles you can also apply to other languages. For example, you can check the Greek or Latin of the conformity of the selected words. Greek or Latin names usually sound pretty stylish and unusual. Also, do not be afraid to experiment. Try playing with combinations of various words and their parts. Do not judge the words too harshly - just make a rough list. After the list of names is ready, you show it “fresh head”. The other person can look at the list with fresh eyes and tell what name cause him a suitable sense and which are best remembered.
The second method is the name of the storeis to turn to professionals. Services in selection of names for the store/company/website provided by specialists for naming. Selection of suitable titles is a pretty long and creative process, and therefore to pay for such services will have a lot. The final price will depend on the complexity of the task and the desired results.
Useful advice
The store name should be easy to remember.

Avoid General titles, e.g., “Computers”, “household Goods” and so on.

Avoid reference to the location of the store. For example, “a shop on the Arbat”.
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