The name should not be too long, pretentious, cause negative emotions, to contain superlative adjectives. It certainly must. You should not include in the title the names of the stars of popular characters, names of branded companies, allusions to nationality.To find a suitable name you can conduct a survey of friends, acquaintances, people on the street, on the phone (about 50 people). Offer their versions of the names, sincerely interested in the opinion of the interlocutor, because he might be a future client. If you want to announce a prize for the best name – for example, free service during the year.
Name dentistry should be simple, easy to pronounce, catchy, melodic, causing pleasant associations. It is possible that the name sounded activity. Well, if the name would be bright, original, pleasantly surprising. It is not recommended to attach to the existing in your city names are added as "plus", "VIP", "SUPER", "Grand". Review the names of all dentists in your city, not to be repeated, or come up with a name that will be winning against this background.
Do not rush to make the name of words that are unfamiliar to most people. Excluded make the text the names of the characters. Search the Internet for names of dentists in other cities. You can even find whole lists of names.
It will be good, if the title will be able to reflect the particularities of the services of your dental. Do not try to add in the name of the company the names of cities, counties, regions, for example, "Moscow dentistry". You can choose a couple of suitable names and to "test" them on memorability, ease of pronunciation in a conversation with friends.
So you picked a good option, be sure the customer base will steadily grow. After searching the Internet, reference books, advertisements are by name. If it meets all of the requirements, it will be remembered, even future clients.