How to get into Minecraft in space

To move around in space the world of Minecraft, you need first of all to make armor and other protective armor, in order not to be defenseless against an extraterrestrial study. Make a space suit: helmet, shirt, pants and boots for your character of white wool. Before you travel, be sure to wear all this gear.

Prepare also the weapon with which your character will be easier to deal with alien monsters, bleed your man properly, fabricate tools for the extraction of useful materials.

All this can be done in Minecraft without mods.

But the most important thing you need to do to transition into a new dimension - to build a portal to outer space.


Is it possible to make a portal to outer space without mods in Minecraft

Some crafters claim that to build a portal to outer space is possible without cheats and mods. On the network even posted a video telling about how to make the coveted portal. They tells that obsidian you need to build a cube with a size of five by five blocks, put about five repeaters, connect them to red dust and to connect the torch. Can try to build that way, but likely to move into the space you have will not work.

To build a portal to outer space in Minecraft without mods is unlikely. To build the portal, install Minecraft ModLoader.


How to make a portal to outer space in Minecraft with mod

If you have already prepared a full set of the suit, the sword and the iron pickaxe for travel on an extraterrestrial world, you can start building the portal.

To do it in exactly the same way as the portal to hell in Minecraft, only milking construction uses iron blocks. Pitch them a frame four by six, activate the entrance to the space with a lighter. When the portal login will Shine in blue, you can safely go to space travel.


What to do in space Minecraft

If you could do in Minecraft portal in space with mods or without mods, you should know how to behave in the new world.

There is no standard surface, you need to navigate through the small Islands. If you fall, after a long flight crash. The islets can be extended, it simplifies the task of moving.

Space flying saucers will drop the dust. Collect it, then to make it new items.

Don't forget about the need to use a whole set of suit, an iron pickaxe and sword.


Thus, to build in Minecraft portal into space without mods will not work, so be sure to install the mod Astrocraft and travel in space.