You will need
  • - passport;
  • - copies of constituent documents of the company;
  • - other documents, the list of which is set by the certification authority.
Determine for what purposes you need an electronic signature. For example, a digital signature may need to participate in e-auction, online auction. Generic signature for each case to date does not exist. For different purposes, private keys and certificate signature verification.
Select your nearest certification center. These organizations are entitled to provide services to individuals and legal entities on the technical production and transmission in the use of electronic signatures. When you select the certification authority check which types of signatures they can provide. If the signature is required for transactions on a particular trading platform, go to her website and see what certificates they take centers.
Contact your chosen certification authority and define the rules of customer service. Each centre has its own requirements to the list of documents required for registration of digital signature. If you require multiple certificates, for example, chief financial officer and Director, will inform the employee of certification authority. This will allow you to save time and to avoid delays in obtaining signatures.
Prepare a package of documents for registration of electronic signature. This list is not normalized by the legislation, therefore, different certification authorities can request documents in accordance with its rules. A physical person will definitely need your passport and legal entities, as a rule, are required to submit copies of constituent documents and the power of attorney to person placing itself the certificate of the key.
Imagine the collected documents and the corresponding statement to the certification authority in person or remotely (if it is stipulated by the rules of the center). Wait for the clearance certificate to be completed. If the documents are in order, the process of registration takes no more than an hour.
Get your hands on the kit to create the digital signature. It includes key carrier in the form of a floppy disk or flash card, certificate of verification of signature and a copy of it on paper, and the license giving the right to use the software. Included in the kit the installation file for the program.