Digital signature can be obtained in the certification center. Use this signature in many cases, for example, in the production of electronic trading on the exchange. Most leading companies take an active part in the electronic auctions, for whom the future of the global financial market. To register on a trading platform and safe to make transactions at a distance, and applies an electronic signature.
To get electronic digital signature, you need to apply to the special certification center of the region where you live. The certification authority is a special institution licensed for issuance of digital signature.
Send to the certification authority a request for obtaining the electronic digital signature. Then you will contact the centre and inform you of the further action. These actions are aimed at clarifying the authenticity of your data, without obtaining the signature impossible. One of the stages of inspection will clarify authentication of constituent documents, copies of which you will have to send to the certification authority (usually enough to scan the original).
Registration of digital signature generation fails on special media two types of public and private keys. You will also be issued a certificate (in electronic and paper form), certified by digital signatureand seal of the certifying center.
So, your digital signature is ready, you can now apply for electronic trading. For this, you will need to configure the software on your computer. If you experience difficulties in setting up the program, you can seek help from professionals.