You will need
  • Adobe Acrobat XI;
  • application Crypto PDF;
  • - physical media digital signature;
  • graphic signature file of any format (optional).
Download the installer of the application CryptoPro PDF from official site (trial version). Run the installation wizard and follow the instructions of the installer. The product serial number you can enter later, when you are buying. Select full installation, then the app will work with Acrobat and Reader.
Now we need to configure signatures in Acrobat. To do this, open a blank window, go "Edit" -> "Settings", under "Category" click on "Signature". In the "Creation and design" click on "More information".
In the opened window, select the signing method CryptoPro PDF format signature defaults to "PKCS#7 – Disconnected". Select the check boxes in the fields "When signing", which will reflect information about the properties of the signature. Click circumstances view alerts, set the value of a ban on the signing of "never".
Under "Appearance" click "Create". In the opened window, enter the title of the signature – so the new signature will appear in the list. Select graphics settings: if you want to add a personal signature graphic, click on "Import graphics" and click "File". In the window "choose picture" click "Browse". In the "Open" window, first select the file format in which you saved your graphic signature, locate it on your computer and open it. In the preview window you will see your handwritten stroke – it will be added to the certificate.
Under "text settings", select the check boxes with the characteristics of the certificate to be displayed on the seal. Click OK twice. Signature properties are configured, and you can sign the necessary document.
Connect the carrier of the digital signature to the computer. To add an electronic signature to pdf file, open it in Acrobat, on the top bar click "Signing" tab "I need to insert signature", select "Place signature" and the mouse pointer drag the label area to the desired location in the document. Window opens select certificate. Open the certificate and click OK. In the dialog choose the layout of the caption menu, select the adjacent check box, if after the signing you will need to block the document. Click "Sign", enter the new name of the signed file, wait until the cryptographic service believes the media EDS, enter the password. Your pdf file is signed.