• The simplest way to create an electronic purse in the system:

To create a wallet in these systems, you just register there Inbox (free). And go to:


Mail -
And then simply activate the service.
However, you should take into account the fact that since this is simple to do and there are no serious protection measures of the purse. Can that kind of money and lose. If someone hacks into your Inbox, it's quite easy, if possible, will be able to transfer from your account with all the money. Therefore, creating your account in such systems, do not forget about risk.
The most popular system of electronic money in Russia is Webmoney. To crack it, unlike yandex and mail is almost impossible. However, registration is more complicated:
Go to the website Click "register". Enter mobile number (precaution against hacking). Next, enter your real data. Then your mailbox will receive a special registration code. By clicking on a special link, you need to activate it.
After activation code you will have access to the page to download special software. The choice for PC: WM Keeper Classic or WM Keeper Light. For mobile phone WM Keeper Mobile (not required, optional).
After the first run the programme you have chosen, will again be sent a letter with individual data. These data must be retained for further work with the system, or in the case of hacker attacks, recovery of purse, etc. Preferably this data is recorded on a CD, flash drive or other storage media. They may need to run the program on another computer, or when reinstalling Windows.