What documents are required for registration compensation for kindergarten

Before you proceed to making payment, you should prepare the necessary documents. Their list includes:

  • documents confirming the applicant's identity;
  • birth certificate;
  • certificate of family composition (if the child is not the only one);
  • Bank statement with details of account which will be credited to cash.

How to apply for compensation for kindergarten

Photocopies of these documents must be submitted to the head of the kindergarten, which is visited by the child. Notarize their not necessary if you submit them together with the originals.

You will be required to write a written statement about appointment of compensatory payments. It must be registered in a special journal. Preschool generates lists of parents and transfers them to the bodies of social protection, the regional educational authorities and territorial administration.

How to calculate the payment for a kindergarten

Parents put the size of compensation depends on the number of children in the family. It is 20% of the amount of the actual payment for the first child, 50% for second and 70% for the third one.

The monthly cost of the child's stay depends on the category of the DOW. The higher it is, the more fees charged.

To calculate the amount of compensation should monthly cost of kindergarten divided by the number of workdays, then multiply by the number of days of actual stay of the child. The resulting amount is multiplied by the applicable percentage depending on the number of children.

For example, the child attended kindergarten in 20 days. The cost of a month stay in the garden is 1500 p is Obtained by 23 working days per month 1 day costs 65.22 R. in fact, parents paid 1304,4 (65.22 per*20). Accordingly, if it is the only child in the family attends kindergarten, the amount of compensation will be 260,88 R. (1304,4*20/100).

Accrued compensation is transferred to the specified Bank account of the parent in following the payment month. The size of the actual payment alone is transmitted by a garden with authorised companies.