You will need
  • - details of a kindergarten;
  • - the account number;
  • - passport and its copy;
  • - passbook and a photocopy;
  • - birth certificate of the child;
  • receipt for payment.
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - virtual wallet.
To take care of the compensation of parental fees is required at the time of admission to the kindergarten. What documents are needed, you will be notified of the Committee's education, when you get a ticket. The same advise and the way of making money. In many regions of Russia, such payment transfer to the savings account. Get it in any branch of Sberbank.
Prepare the necessary documents and their photocopies. You need a passport, Bank book, birth certificate of the child and their photocopies that need to be attached to the application. The application form you will be given head of the kindergarten.
Payment is usually given by the kindergarten teacher. Typically, parents receive payment documents already filled in, showing all the details of the personal account of the child and the payment amount. Fill out the receipt themselves. Bank details should be posted on the information Board for parents in the group or by the office head.
The most common method of payment for the maintenance of the child in kindergarten — in cash at any Bank. However, if you are on a budget, learn where to take minimum Commission. In some localities departments of education enter into contracts with certain banks, then the fee payer is not taken. As a rule, such agreements municipal structure lies with Sberbank. In any case, find out the size of the fee and add that amount to the size of the payment.
Those who receive a salary on the card account, the transfer of non-cash payment. It can be done, for example, through the service "Sberbank Online". Enter the required information. Perform the payment and print the receipt.
In many cities to pay for the upkeep of the baby in the nursery and through the payment terminal. In all these cases, you must enter Bank account details and personal account. To avoid misunderstandings, save the payment document.
To pay for kindergarten in cash through the post office. Present postal employee with a receipt which you were given in kindergarten. Back with the record of the payment save. In many kindergarten teachers are special notebooks in which to note the payment amount and date. You may be asked to show your receipt.
As payment for keeping the child in kindergarten, in any case, passes through the Bank, you can use any payment system, including working in-line. You can transfer money from the purse on Yandex and Webmoney, and via other services. Be sure to print a receipt, and don't forget to specify on the site, what Commission is taken for a similar operation.