Place the poems on the Internet. Currently in the network there are many sites, portals and e-journals, offering authors all absolutely free to publish their poems. Often there's copyright assigned to the authors by the user agreement.

To send their works, go to the website registration, filling a form, create a username, password and a name for the publication. Then email Inbox will receive a email with a link to activate your author page, which will need to pass. After performing these steps, you can publish your poems, to read and comment on works of other authors. Some sites to publish it will be enough to send a letter with Scripture there email.

If you want your works have been published in the literary journal, participate in contests held by the same Internet resources. Literary portal "writers ' Union", for example, holds frequent international poetry competition, the winner of which gets a prize edition of the author's own collection. To do this, contact the organizers on the website, send them your work and pay a small registration fee.

Create a profile on the Internet. On it you will be able to post my poetry and any other information about himself and his work. The easiest way is to open it in social networks, the other is to use the services of special services.

Send poems to the newspaper. Consider what magazines and Newspapers publish poems, even on the last page. And send them your work by mail or over the Internet. Perhaps, some of your poems seem very interesting and will be published completely free of charge.