Advice 1: How to send your song on the radio

Many creative people wanting to Express their thoughts and feelings, often write poems or songs. The main audience are usually only the closest people – relatives and friends. Often young people even create their own group in order to be able to become better known. But still the audience remains relatively narrow, because even if you are able to speak in any kind of broad events, the songs remain well-known within only one city. If you want to audience your audience has become more you can try to send your creation on the radio.
How to send your song on the radio
The easiest and most affordable way to make their songs known to a wider circle of people – the Internet. Almost all large radiostations now have their own websites where you can find special sections devoted to the work of radiolisteners. Post them on your song very simply and quickly. Of course, you have to pre-record in good quality, and then go to the website, register and upload your own track.
In addition, there are sites for different groups-lovers, where you can also post your song. In search of new talents such sites are frequently viewed by different producers, which can offer you assistance.
But you can go the other way. On radiostations now popular shares when the listeners are offered on a competitive basis, to send in their works, after the vote, the best of them get on the air. To find out about these promotions just – just listen to the radio, about such contests misleading on various radiostations almost every month. Stock information can also be found on the Internet or by calling a radiostation.
To break into the world of famous musicians and promote their song on the radio you can just speaking with her on any events. First, you'll notice people who are connected with the work at radiostations, and perhaps they will offer you their help. Secondly, many people today are becoming known because of their work like others, so their performance is filmed and put online. The heroes of the most popular videos manage to become famous, to draw attention to their works, and a radiostation are interested in how to twist a popular song.I wish to become known to many young people, but not all of them are really talented authors, composers and performers. If you are sure that your songs are really good and want to hear a lot of people, try your hand and submit their works on any radiostation. Perhaps your music will appeal to listeners and you will become a famous singer.

Advice 2 : How to upload your music on the Internet

A budding musician, be it a team member or a lone composer, after some time it becomes necessary to share the fruits of your labors with the world. Finished works have taken friends and relatives, I want to know the opinion of other people. To promote your music, you can use several resources for musicians.
How to upload your music on the Internet
You will need
  • A computer with Internet connection;
  • Own music.
Popular among musicians social network "Myspace". It is popular because is popular among ordinary people, which are recorded in it. Sign up there as a musician, complete profile information, including about the style of his music is to help listeners find you faster.

In the top menu, find "My data". Look for "Songs", then "send". On the new page under the words "My songs", click "Add songs", then click on the popup field to the right and select the tracks you want to download. Pay attention to the restrictions on the songs on volume and format.
Another resource for the promotion of the musicians Last.FM. Sign up on the website, then scroll down to suggestions, as in the illustration. Click on the link "Artists" (if you compose). On the new page in the "Artist or group" enter the name of the team and confirm.

On the new page, enter information about the team (or yourself personally if you are the only musician in the project) and currency. On the new page select project "Last FM" will share the money with you for listening to your music. Again confirm your selection, read the agreement in English, accept the terms (if you do agree) and navigate to the download music.
How to upload your music on the Internet
These two sites are not completely Russified, so please read carefully and translate everything you have to offer.

"Myspace" implies the possibility of free listening, but the music you can buy. On "Last FM" music is played only on condition of payment. Not enough promoted teams it is not very convenient.
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