Before you think about selling music, you need to find interested parties – potential buyers. To make it better before you start selling. Otherwise, your efforts can pay off. This plan has many features. For starters, you can choose the best, in the opinion of the musicians, the songs and put them in open access. For this purpose it is best to put creativity on or in a specially created group (community)in the social network Vkontakte - (it's free).
Then you need to look for thematic communities with a similar context. In the Internet many groups/communities/forums dedicated to any particular style of music, so the problems should arise. It is best for the mass community to put summary information about a musical group/artist and links to listen to some (the elect) songs for review. Then watch the reaction. In the case of complete apathy or even negative reactions, hopes for selling extremely weak, you need something to revise. Maybe another is to introduce a wider range of people with music.
With a positive interest can be engaged in a more serious promotion of music (create your website to hold a concert, make a music video) or even try to sell immediately. For sale creativity needed to create a musical album and releasing it on CD. To publish yourself or go to a specialized publisher. If you publish yourself, it is better to start to issue the album in small quantities.
The products can be sold in case of Internet stores, as highly specialized (i.e. for certain musical styles) and just large stores specializing in many kinds of goods (for example,