Think about what capacity you want to participate in the program "Wait for me". You can become a spectator in the audience during filming, or try to find a loved one with this unique project.
Visit the official site transfer "Wait for me". In order to get to the shooting as a spectator, fill in the section "Participation in the program" in the questionnaire. Enter accurate information about yourself, leave your phone number and email address. Please note that all guests of the Studio are divided into spectators and participants. The last opportunity to turn in the air to the missing person. If you want to use it, describe in the field "Why do you want to get to shooting" your situation. Wait for a call from the office, you will be notified what time you need to arrive to participate in the program. Keep in mind that shooting one release last approximately 3-3.5 hours.
Please register on the official website of the program "Wait for me", if you want to contact the editorial office with a request to find a specific person. The link to the form you can find at the top right of the page. After completion of the registration procedure, click "apply" in the section "Looking for someone?". Leave information about yourself and about the missing man, attach his photograph, specify the circumstances and the time of his disappearance and everything that will help to find it.
Specify the number of your application, assigned to it after the procedure. You can find it in the "Personal Cabinet". The room will help you get news in your case.
Change the application if you become aware of new circumstances of a missing person, this can be done through "my account".
Wait for a call from the office stating that you are invited to the Studio for filming. You will be notified of the date and time. Immediately before shooting you will receive a full briefing about how the events will develop in the Studio.