Advice 1: How to take proteins

Proteins – a necessary component of human nutrition. In their natural form they are found in meat, fish, milk, eggs and other protein products. People actively involved in bodybuilding, take protein shakes and mixes to accelerate the growth of muscle mass.
How to take proteins
For muscle growth you need to take a day 1.5-2 grams of protein per 1 kg of body weight. Be aware that in the protein product typically contains 70-75% protein by weight. That is, consuming 100 grams of protein, you are taking 70 grams of protein. Based on these data, a person weighing 70 kg should consume 105-140 grams of protein per day. To avoid mistakes in the calculations of the daily value for protein delivery, follow the instructions on the product packaging.
Do not try to increase your daily protein intake, hoping faster to build muscle. Excess protein is not absorbed and simply excreted. You should also not skimp on the protein and reduce its daily rate. This has a negative impact not only on the rate of growth of muscle mass, but also on the body's ability to recover after significant physical exertion.
For proper muscle building protein should be taken daily in the same quantity regardless, you go out today at power training or not. This is because the body constantly needs protein. During rest is the restoration and growth of muscle fibers. These processes are as energy-consuming as a regular exercise routine.
Protein powder must be dissolved in water. The amount of liquid does not matter. Do not pour powder boiling water as in hot water, a protein folds and partially loses its properties.
Your daily dose of protein product it is better to divide into two or three portions. So the body will more easily digest large amounts of protein. Do not eat protein with any meal. In combination with other nutrients protein is much less digestible.
Usually a protein drink between meals. You can take one serving between lunch and Breakfast, and the second is immediately after weight training. The protein intake after exercise is particularly effective, because after a lot of energy to digest protein especially good. On a day when you're not in a sports club, drink protein an hour before dinner.

Advice 2 : How to drink protein right

Protein is the most popular type of sports nutrition. Drink protein shakes every self-respecting athlete. Protein will fit into your sports diet, regardless of goals - weight loss, mass, or work on the terrain.
How to drink protein right

Why you need protein

The foreign word "protein" means only "protein" and it is the main building material for muscles. Growth of muscle mass, increase strength and endurance are the main tasks of a bodybuilder, and therefore, athletes need to consume enough protein, or their muscles just will not grow. In ordinary life, people get protein from food - meat, fish, eggs, milk, legumes. But when loads increase the need for protein increases dramatically several times. Besides, to replenish the protein you need as quickly as possible. For those who are not able to eat 5 chicken Breasts at a time, and was invented by a protein in powder form.
The protein used in rest days - in this case, his portion is reduced.

How to choose the right protein

The most popular type of protein is prepared from whey. It is well absorbed and is not so expensive as, for example, egg. Whey concentrate is composed of 60% protein, and isolate up to 80%. Whey protein refers to the high. It is preferable to drink it immediately after workout, within the hour. It will stop the muscle breakdown that starts after a power load, and start the recovery process. During prolonged exercise, you can drink protein between exercises. Some athletes drink protein shakes an hour before workout. It helps the muscles to work longer and increase their endurance. However, in this situation it is better to replace protein with amino acids.

Casein is the protein of milk whey with addition of Storozhevaya enzymes. Casein is absorbed sufficiently long and long time and maintains a feeling of satiety. This type of protein to drink at night to suppress muscle breakdown while you sleep.
Natural analogue of casein curd.

There are also weight gainers - mix protein with carbohydrates and a small amount of fat. Weight gainers are designed for very rapid weight. But they are suitable not only obese people with very low levels of body fat. Otherwise, a weight gainer can cause fullness.

Protein comes in powder form, which is preparing a cocktail. Depending on your weight and workout intensity for a single serving, is taken 1-3 measuring scoop. The powder is mixed with the liquid in the special shaker. Mix protein with any liquid - water, milk, juice, everyone chooses according to their taste. The prepared drink should drink for 3-4 hours. Especially experienced athletes make protein ice cream and even cooking cakes using powder instead of flour.
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